The Lick Of Heaven In Temple Of Navel

the only girl in my civil engineering class in colg asked me one fine day..."so have u ever kissed her, ur galfrnd?" mr.navelmaniax ain't too silly not to grab a chance. so i said.."kiss is a mere thing, i have even licked her navel, u know how much girls like that......."
she said "who told u that girl's like their navel being licked?"
i said "u must have never got that pleasure that's why you are asking such a silly thing, get it licked once and then talk to me"
she kept quiet for a moment and said......."why don't you do it for me?"
in my mind i said to myself "yeah ***** why not, that's what am here for"
then i finally spoke...."yeah, why not, come to third floor room no. 305, it remains empty"
and in 10 mints. we were there.
i told her to just lift her kurti that much that i get a clear view of her bellybutton
she said "don't tell anyone"
i said "if you doubt me you can leave. it's ok"
she said....."naah"
i then opened her navel to it's extent by fingering it trying to make her think am professional...l.o.l
i then kissed her navel softly
and now my emperor tongue was out to invade another navel
first i circled it around her navel, then with it's tip i licked the line running below her navel to lower area.....and now when she moaned i just sent my warrior deep inside her temple of navel to worship the navel godess................the first lick, the lil' saltiness, the first moan"aaaaaaaahmm", the first sensation, was a lick of heaven. then i lost it to the dark corners of the bellyhole and i was digging it to the deepest to rest my tongue in it's coffin..........and the girl's belly was dancing with each swirl of my tongue in her flesh and the background music added to the flavour.......a flavour you can find just in the bellybutton.......i sucked it, smooched it and what not..........................ummmmmm..........the first lick, aaaaah i can't ever forget it
navelmaniax navelmaniax
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