My First Navel Kissing Exp

This happened 1 year back, my first date with a 19 year girl name deby, she is short with good structure and fabulous navel, we where traveling to beach and while walking along the sea shore her t shirt was moving in hard wind i am able to see her fresh navel my mind was full pointing her navel, she noticed my eye and said hey y u watching my tummy always whts ur problem, i said no yaaa i didnt see it she not convinced after sometime we back to our car i can resist so i stright away asked ok deby wht abt i make ur navel wet with my tongue she said no but i convinced her in 15 mins of time then she layed semi flat and raised her t shirt slightly tamil women are soo shy to show off , this is my first kiss and for her too so she closed her eyes and i smooched her navel softly she moaned ahhhhhh ammmaaaa then i smooched hardly she started to moan heavy it made me to go further i dropped my tongue in and licked her fresh navel slowlsy she was rotating her head here and ther and telling ahhhh ahhhhhh mmmmm then i sucked it hard she put her hand on my head and prssed it to continue i was happily enjoying for 20 mins then i wrote my name around her navel and kissed it many times, we meet twice after tht v enjoyed a lot now she is married i hope but it wS a damn good exp
hellotosanjai hellotosanjai
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6 Responses Oct 21, 2013

Hi wl u like to enjoy my navel??

i never got a chance like u

did this really happen?? O.O

i would not mind my navel being kissed....i have had one yet...

want another?

What's her full name??

Kiss mine