Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

We had shared many electronic conversations, agreed to meet for sex and met at her apartment.  She was as lovely as her photo told me she was going to be and she was exactly what I had hoped for.  After a few minutes of my clumsiness and social awkwardness, (someone explain to me why I would fumble in denial about the intent of my sitting on her sofa?)  She took the lead and leaned in!  Our lips pressed and our mouths began to explore our newfound physical friendship.  We took our time to enjoy the wonderful sensuality of our kiss.  Her mouth was soft and sweet yet energetic and exciting at the same time.  I could get lost kissing her and since I have no idea how long we spent kissing, I’m pretty sure did.  So this is what kissing is?  I’ve got to do that again!

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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

No, I had been at the kissing game for 40 years by the time I met this woman. Marriage does weird things to people doesn't it?

was this the first time you enjoyed kissing?

LOL! Reading the zest and joy of this article, you sure would think so!