Hot Tub Licking!!!!!!!!1111

wife and i had a nice night out hitting the beach bars and drinking. watching all the heads turn as sue strutted her wonderful *** made me really horny! got home and we soaked in the hot tub, next thing you know i had her legs over my shoulders and was eating her hott ***!11 anyone else enjoy eating *** as much as me??
peace and goodnight
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7 Responses May 6, 2012

Very hot!

Are you kidding,i love eatting a nice ---hole and p----. A great meal

Oh ya, its the best!

WOW, hot story, sounds like you two had a fun night!!!! Yep, I think that we all enjoy eating *** for sure!!!! YUM!!!!! :)

Hell yes! Every chance I get! Have for many years! Suck on a lady's sweet lips, tongue **** her, flick and masssage her **** with the tip of my tongue and try to get my tongue into her little pucker *******. I've never seen a woman that didn't love it!

tastes like sucking on a penny

I love eating the front but get me drunk and I'll eat anything.