Reunited W/ My First Feet Crush!

When i was 12 my sister 's best friend's feet would always find their way to my face, and in my mouth. Most of the time she would lay on the couch and I would strategically sit on the floor by her feet, say something annoying or complain about how they smell and she would stick them in my face and "torment" me--actually it was exactly what I wanted but I had to play disgusted. Well fast forward 30 years later. She was moving back to town, had a U-haul full of furniture and no one to help her move into her apartment. Being an old friend, and my wife knew of her and the relationship with my sister it was no problem that I was on loan for the day. So i arrive at her apartment early in the morning and she opens the door wearing a tight shirt, jeans and Reebok's w/ no socks just like she use to. She ask me was I ready and I said where is the rest of the help? She said "it's just me and you...we can get's not much." So we began and the small talk starts and i mention that she was still wearing Reebok's w/ no socks. and she replies "You know it, just the way you like it!" I mumbled "whatever" but she was so right! So after all day of moving couches, beds, dressers, we were done. She said "Sit down and I'll get you a beer." She had a light colored couch so I sat on the floor, with my back up against it, as she handed me my beer she said "Just like old times!" I honestly didn't realize I had put myself in the same position i did when I was a kid. I said "what's like old times?" and she sat on the other end slid her shoes of and stretched them out right into my face and I just sat there helpless because it was what I had been thinking about all day. Her toes right up my nose and they were so moist and she began to rub the bottom of her feet all across my face. She says "Wow, you still a sucker for my feet?" I tried to answer but as I opened my mouth she she rubbed her feet right across my lips, so I stuck out my tongue and she rubbed it against my tongue. Over and over again.Then she commanded "Suck my toes!" and I was now on my knees in front of her sucking her toes, she giggled a bit and continued to rub her feet on my face until she had a knock on the door. She wiped all my drool and saliva off on my face while yelling at the door "Just a minute!" Then she crossed her feet and sat them on my face and said "I knew it all along." Then she got up and opened the door for my sister and my wife who came over to help her with the smaller boxes. As i sat there my wife says "It feels good to help and old friend doesn't it? I'm glad she is back in town!" me too
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Was the smell pretty ripe? Love tha smell and when I see women walking around with feet in tennis shoes , all I think about it those soles on my face. Wow , so what's next? Does your wife offer her feet to you?

Oh yes they were very ripe the stench was perfect, you know i took a big wiff and gave in to my craving! No, my wife doesn't offer her feet to me but on occasion she will allow me to massage them, but i can't indulge.

That suck!! Does your wife have nice feet? Before and sometimes I still do. I place my wife's heels or nylons over my nose and mouth. Then make myself smile!! Your friend, think she would give you a foot job

My wife has very nice feet...but she is just not into it. I never asked my friend about a foot job, if I hang out with her enough who knows...


It's awesome, so hard from reading that.