A Story About A Girl That Love To Get Her Feet Worshipped

Part 1
I was playing hand ball when I was about 18. It was summertime and I always went around barefoot, and I was playing doubles in a "Y" parking lot/play ground. My little brother was hanging out with a friend of his in the stairwell of the building. ( I think it led into the basement but it was always locked so it was used by kids as a kind of bullpen) The brats kept slowing down our games, they thought it was a big joke, every time a ball came out of bounds thier way to chuck it as far as they could to the other end of the parking lot.Once as my partner was going to get a ball they just chucked I came over and stood looking down at them and held my foot out over my brothers face. " You see how black that foot is ?" and it was, almost the same color as the asphault I'd been playing on for half an hour. " Just one more time and your going to be kissing that foot " I wasn't long before he took up that dare and with him down in that well he didn't have a chance of getting away. After I caught him I had my partner sit on his legs and the two girls playing against us each hold down an arm. I stood strandling his chest and put the ball of my foot right on his lips. " Kiss it, If you don't I'm going to stomp down onto your balls." I felt him give the foot alittle peck then I said " Go ahead and stick your tongue out, get it good and wet first."
I did't let him up until after I had wiped clean the ball of my dirty foot on his tongue. I was expecting him to get me in trouble that night but he didn't say a word. The next day I came home after my gymnastic class, before taking a shower or anything I was hanging around in the family room, I was in my shorts and bare feet again and I noticed how much pete kept watching my feet. I sat down on the couch putting my feet up and I noticed he was still eyeing them. ( I've noticed that the taste of feet is like a drug on men, turns them around compleatly, addictive and complacant and I first started learning that this day) I had sat down with the control on the floor infront of my feet "had me the remote control."
Instead of bending over he dropped down onto his knees to reach for it and I moved my feet closer to his face. It was alomost like he was a zombie and I wispered, " I know you want to kiss them, go for it." He did, he kissed them, licked them and sucked them and when I got bored with it I dried them off on his face and hair and told him to make himself useful and run the vacumn while I was in the shower. That night at dinner I said to mom that since I had vacumned the dining and family room today Pete should both wash and dry the dishes. He didn't contracdict me but agreed before mom did!! alot of people talk about latch key kids and single parents but I'll tell you I had a hell of a great childhood. I worked Pete's little butt off, he made my bed in the morning before he did his, (Mom was in the bathroom getting ready and never knew) Then after he sucked up to my feet in the afternoon I'd have him defrost the freezer or scrub the kitchen or bathroom and give me the credit. He did the dishes each nite and even wiped out the tub for me before and after my bath. I learned how great it was to have a slave and when I went away to college I gave him to a girl friend I had as a present. What do you think??

Part II
As I contenue my memoirs you might remember that at the age 18 of I enslaved my younger brother and began to learn the power of control that comes along with being an idol of foot worship. hardly a year advanced when new changes came into my life. My father remarried, My brother and myself had to this point been living with my mother who was a working mom but now my father as well would have part time custody of us. Dad's new wife quite a bit younger than him, and so not all to much older than me, perhaps because of this she was alittle shy plus nervous about being able to get along with me, this resulted in an eagerness to please that I soon put to my advantage.
I had no objections to living with dad part of the time but I knew that as I wanted to contenue with the advantages and indulgences that my control over pete had allowed. With Debbie (my fathers new wife) around in the afternoon this could only be accomplished by bringing her into the deal and sharing dominance with Pete with her or in dominating her as well. A quick evaluation of Debbies passive temperment of cource decided me on the later.
I was getting out of high school an hour earlier than Pete two days a week and I decided to use this time to overcome Debbie. As I said she was eagerly seeking my friendship and so was more than willing to please me and I mentioned that I had some new nail polish and would really appreciate her help painting my toe nails. She agreed at once and I sat down on my favorite couch and pulled off my sneakers. Inside my socks and feet where steeming with sweat but I said "I hope you don't mind getting it done before I shower, I want to finnsih before Pete gets home, you know what a pain younger brothers are."
" No that's no problem" and sat down on the rug infront of me.
" I hope they don't smell to bad" and I purposely held my foot up a little so as to be closer to her face "I've been on my feet so much today I can hardly bend down to take my socks off."
"I'll get it" she offered, pulling each sock off.
" Your so sweet" I said curling my toes a little " but your sure you can put up with the smell?"
" Oh no your feet are fine."
" You might be able to do a better job if you lie on your stomach." I said and she complied at once and got started with my right foot. As she did I began to play around with my left foot picking up my dirty sock with my toes and letting it fall just a little closer to her face, rubbing my right ancle with it, and all the while chatting to her about how helpful she was being and how nice my nails where coming out and how did she think they looked. When she finnished the nails on my right foot I placed my left where she could reach it easily and lifted my right leg up to inspect the job. (this meant my foot was suspended over her as she worked and I could tell she was alittle shy and embarrassed about this but didn't say anything, I contenued to talk about how nice they had come out and told her she did a really good job. The I lowered my foot down resting the arch of my foot against her shoulder, she really started to blush then and was to shy to say anything at all. I just acted as if I didn't noticed and picked up a magazine and started leafing through it. She didn't have much choice but to just finnish the work on my left foot and as she did the last nail I raised my left foot the way I had done with my right, saying " All done?"
" I guess." She answered and I could tell she was really embarrassed about her situation, One foot resting on her the other hanging above her. Before she could say or do anything I lifted my right foot up as well and stretched both legs out (my legs are fairly long) inspecting my nails and saying they had come out great. This didn't leave her with any dignified way to get up (she would have had to crawl backwards on her belly to get out from beneath my legs) and she was blushing like a tomato. Thats when I let my feet down so that the heels of both feet rested on her back.
" You did a really great job, I can't tell you how happy I am" I said " It so great to have my nails polished without having to fold my legs up like an accordian to reach my toes."
" I'm glad your happy" She said shyly
" Oh I am, you don't know how proud I am of my feet, and it is hard to reach them. Have you noticed how long my legs are."
" I guess I have." She said " Thier very beautiful, and so are your feet."
" Even better now that you've painted them for me, oh but look where my feet are!!" I pretended to just noticed that I had them resting on her " Here your nice enough to paint my nails for me and I'm here using you for a foot rest, you must think I'm a really thoughtless."
" Oh no, I know your tired after being on your feet all day."
" I really am, my feet are so sore too." Then I started laughing and gigling, " Oh I just thought how funny this is, here your my step-mom, do you get it, STEP mom."
She laughed nervously as I said that and then I added " My feet are so sore they really could use a rub down."
" I could rub them for you." She volunteered
" Oh but you've been thier working on my stinky feet all this time, I can't really take advantage of you." As I said this I took my right foot off her back as if I was starting to let her up but put it down close to her face. " I really don't mind."
" Your not going to tell me this foot doesn't smell awful." and as I said it I put my foot right up near her face, with my big toe almost touching her nose." It sticks doesn't it."
" It doesn't bother me at all really."
" That's sweet of you to lie like that." I said placeing my toe down on her nose." Well I really could use a massage."
Then I moved my toe slowly down from her nose and against her lips, rubbing her lips lightly with my toes (she was afraid even to move) I asked " Are you sure you don't mind?"
" Not ..." as soon as she spoke my toe fell into her mouth and I laughed a little.
" Why don't you message them with your kisses then??" I said, " Pete will be home soon, he can do the left foot, he kisses and licks them each day, but you can do the right. "
You might be able to guess that I had my way with Debbie from that day on

Part III
You may remember that after high school I moved on to college, after giving my younger brother/foot slave away to a girl friend and saving my step-mom for breaks and vacations, ( but just like a puppy I always made sure to leave behind an old gym sock or sneaker to sniff and maintain the bond)
My dorm was alot better than most, it wasn't organized into rooms shared by two students but into suites, each suite had a common bathroom with three three rooms attached so that each suitemate had a room of her own. We ussually left our doors open so share community and I quickly sized up my two suite mates. Rachel seemed pretty much use to being on top of things and getting her own way, but I quickly realized Jude was fated to serve and obey, she seemed completely lost, like a horse left without a rider on the corner of fifth and main. It seemed almost inhuman not to hope into the saddle grab hold of the briddle. I only hesitated because of Rachel, she was both to close at home not to be aware, yet to strong to be subjected to any conquest I might have planned.
I went slowly and felt the ground ahead, I dropped a big hint one day, saying living away from home was great except for all the things I did now that servants use to do for me. This really blew Jude's mind but Rachel only laughed. " you really had servants?" asked Jude.
I said of course and talked about never having to make my bed or even pick-up my close, I just let them drop to the ground for my servants to pick up and put away (and of course this was what I had been use to for almost two years) Jude just shook her head quite astonished, then Rachel spoke up.
" What I must miss is having my prepared and then wiped out when I was done." she said then added " and foot rubs."
" Oh yes, lets not forget foot rubs." I returned Rachels smile as I tried to determine if she was quite as serious as I was. That afternoon left Jude quite puzzled but I was almost decided on my next steps.
About five thirty we where all getting back to our suite, I was already sitting on my bed when I saw Jude and Rachel come in the hallway. I called to them.
" I am more beat than ever and I feel like my feet have melted into my shoes" I said, Jude laughed alittle nervously but Rachel looked me stright in the eye trying, as I hoped, to furret out what I was up to.
"Really I just can't even bend down to untie my sneaks" with that I threw a coin into the air "I'll flip a coin to see which of you does it, heads or tails?"
"Heads." said Rachel looking me right in the eye, her unspoken message was quite clear.
"Well Jude I guess it's up to you to do the honors."
"Come on you don't expect me to take your sneakers off for you?"
" Why not you lost." I said and Rachel sat down on the bed beside me and added.
"yeah, don't be a poor loser. You might as well take off mine while your at it."
Jude blushed quite flustered as we both stretched back and with our sneakers sticking out over the edge of the bed toward her. She stood not knowing what to say and between the two of us we staired her down. She walked up to me and reached down for my laces.
"You can't do it that way" I said.
" You really can't stand over us while your doing it."added Rachel.
"What do you expect me to do kneel?"
"Yes" we both said at once and Jude giggled and fell to her knees. Carefully she untied first one of my sneakers than the other, but before she took them off she untied both of Rachels, then one at a time she took off each of our sneakers and placed them carefully on the floor.
"Do you want me to rub them now?" she asked. You already can guess our answer and soon she was rubbing my right foot and Rachels left ( one with each hand ) she rubbed them we chatted with ourselves about how good it was to get them rubbed. "and my feet where so hot today, and sweaty." I said.
"yeah, I bet they stink," said Rachel and we all three laughed. " but they couldn't be any worse than mine."
"Are you so sure." I said
"Well lets find out, Jude take a good whiff of each of our feet and see whose smells the worse."As she did this she held her foot up toward Judes face and Jude obliged her by moving her face closer. When she did Rachel lowered her foot so that it rested with the two biggest toes straddling Judes nostrels. "Now thats pretty strong Isn't it."
"It's certainly is strong, " said Jude
" Is it mighty?" I said. and Jude said it was mighty. "Well wait till you sniff mine."
Soon Jude nose was caught between my toe jams rather than Rachels and she was taking a deep breath. "You really can't judge them very well that way, you have to kiss them to really tell what thier like, get a taste of them. "
After Jude kissed my feet she had to kiss Rachels and then she had to lick them so I had her come back and lick my feet too, of course Jude didn't dare pass judgement about which of her new mistressses feet where mightier so we soon left the subject compleatly.
"Give me that quarter of yours" said Rachel,"Lets see if Jude's gonna give us a foot rub any time we want, Heads or tails Jude"
She flipped it into the air and as it landed Jude said tails, Rachel showed me the coin which was infact tails.
"Youu lose girl" i said to Jude and took the coin, " Now lets see if you'll make our beds each morning, heads or tails?"
"damn Jude you can't win a thing today," said Rachel as she took the coin from me and said" How about having Jude clean the bath tub ub after we use it, in fact cleaning it all up any time it's dirty, head or tails?"
"Why stop at the bath room, she can clean all of our rooms and pick up after us, heads or tails?"
"What a losing streak, for Jude's sake we better put the coin away before she ends up having to wipe our butts for us or something." said Rachel.
"You wouldn't have her do that would you"I said.
"Not yet anyway, lets leave things as they are for a week and see how it works out"
So that was the start of a new joint conquest, and just that week we went a good bit toward wearing Jude out. She'd be up sometimes til 3 or 4 rubbing our feet as we slept or fanning us on hot nights then in the morning by the time she'd made our beds it would be time for her to clean the bath tub and pick up all the towels and dirty close we'd left. and soon enough we added washing those clothes to her duties, and yes Rachel did insist on having her wipe our butts after we went to the bathroom and give them a kiss when she was through. I thought this was going a little to far but what the hell, a convience is a convience.
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like is she a real person or a made up story

I am like you sweet I love beautiful female feet that is why I am a reflexologist. I love massaging feet. Of course I love sucking & kissing toes. best of all I love big ladies soft & smelly feet. Can't stant ugly feet though. Please message me Love Willomeana

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