So Much!

Oh yes, the initial soft touching of lips, the gentle caress of your tongue, the smooth sliding of our mouths on each other, the urgent mouth-****. God, kissing is the ultimate turn-on for me...
BoredJudi BoredJudi
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8 Responses Jul 16, 2010

You made me hard.. Just imagining us Mouth-*******.. Wow!!

Very sexy. Makes me want to kiss you


Yes, yes, yes. Even after over 28 years married, its still the lovliest thing. Close my eyes, fell each others faces, eventually kissing and getting more and more urgent. It's my favorite thing.....

Well said!

Not recently - not since I left college...

The passionate kiss, the loving kiss, the affectionate kiss, the "I'm here" kiss, the kiss that just says it all - yes, the kiss is indeed a sensual and amazing thing to experience

I miss it too.