Kissing A Princess

I love kissing a ‘Princess’, it just feels so right.
A long passionate kiss, during a concert or while sharing chocolate cake that’s just oh so good, In a casino while others stop to stare.  A short little hi it’s me kiss just to tease a little.  Kisses goodnight and kisses good morning. 
Anytime, anyplace I adore kisses from the ‘Princess’
Experiences I look forward to with the ‘Princess’. Kissing on the beach during a sunset, Outside during a warm spring rain, While sharing strawberries and whip cream, On a Cruise Ship while in the Jacuzzi….Ah how I look forward to her next soft kiss…  
CasinoMan4U CasinoMan4U
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Wow. Well I like kisses too. I'm feelin and sharing your sensual joy!