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The Art of Kissing

 I love kissing.

 Kissing is like a fingerprint. Each person is different. Some kissers are soft and sensual, teasing by lightly brushing their lips against yours. Some kissers are hard and passionate as if it were the last kiss ever - like they were on a plane about to hit the ocean, so every second counted. Others kind intermix the two in a hypnotic dance.

 Then there are the lousy kissers.  The ones who don't really try because they just want to have sex.  I'm not knocking their sexual skills, but it's always a plus to know what foreplay is. It's just bad that they learned how to kiss from their dog. It's like they know how to dance, but they fall down on their way to the dance floor.

 I miss kissing. My last girlfriend didn't kiss much.  It's not like I can go to the kissing store and stock up either. It's disappointing.

 Maybe they could start a kissing gym so you could keep in shape for the big game.  I'm sure it would be popular, especially if they could teach you how to do tongue push ups. If I win the lottery, maybe I'll start it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
UncleDevilShow UncleDevilShow 41-45, M 49 Responses Feb 20, 2008

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there is nothing more exciting than a passionate kiss. I real, caring, tender, passionate, long, slow, soft, and sometimes harder kissss....I like the ..."fingerprint" title. Nice!

I recently met some one who kisses me like I have never been kissed before.<br />
Like BrutMystik says ...When time stops.<br />
When my new friend and I kissed, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed. She takes me there every time we kiss.

Kissing just makes me happy. It is the ultimate way to connect with someone you love, or even just care about. That moment, when two people's lips touch are magic!

Yessss! If someone can't kiss, I'm done with them almost immediately. A good kisser could make me fall in love!

i totally agree with you !!

Sadly it was years before I realized my ex wasn't closing his eyes while kissing. I asked him why he didn't close his eyes and he looked at me like I was crazy and asked why he would...He wasn't any good, but I'd pretend and get lost in does what they need to do to get by.<br />
Kissing is an art and it can touch the very core and block out the whole world and everything going on around. I don't get touched much in my relationship, but since I'm in one and it's all I'm going to get, I take everything I can from the quickest kiss. I'd love to stop and hold him and kiss him more, but he can't be bothered and doesn't care. <br />
So it's imagination and a fantasy world, I live in it. Each and every day, more then once, I close my eyes and in my dreams I enter the world of kisses, romance and love making

I love kissing. To me, it's one of the most sensual and erotic parts of being with someone. It's some of the best foreplay for sex too. If someone is a bad kisser...or an impatient, sloppy kisser, the relationship ends before it even begins. I've only been with a handful of men over the years and luckily I only had one experience with an awful kisser. Needless to say, that relationship didn't move beyond that first kiss.

My ex-girlfriend kissed like a dog and I hated it, all sloppy and wet and not in a good way! YUCK!

I neva been kissed in real/naturally.....<br />
Me a passionate kisser........ My wife never kissed me in real., I don't know why ?? And she neva<br />
revealed why she doesn't like kissing........<br />
<br />
KISS IS A PATHWAY TO SEX....... ( I agree with BrutMyStik comments)<br />
<br />

I looove the feeling of my partner's lip gloss on me, it makes me feel awesome about myself!

Think of kissing as undressing your lover for the first time, you want to take your time to take it all in slowly and savor all that you can because that is truly one of the windows of the soul. My lover has such delicious beautiful lips and I just get lost in the flavor of her tongue, the scent of her breath and the sweet pleasure of her flesh against mine. God I could just taste her thinking about it...

If the kissing is not good then the sex is not complete or good. I will proceed with sex but she will never be my main gal.

Someone once said that kissing is a conversation, and i agree completely. I know exactly how the person is feeling by the way they kiss me, it depends on the mood. If someone uses their tongue, i respond with mine, etc, its all in sync, i pretty much go with the flow. And if you have a gf who doesnt like to kiss, help yourself/start the "conversation," i doubt she would push you away. But overall, when people start to realize kissing is a form of communication, i think we'll see improvements.

The kind of kisses like its the last time youll ever do it.. ahh yeah, the passion!! The best, best kind!

Heh, I've fallen into the lousy-kisser-because-I-just-want-sex group. I find I can't enjoy kissing someone unless I'm in love with them, so this often confuses one night stands when I refuse to kiss them or do it half heartedly and move on after a few seconds. <br />
<br />
But I do miss kissing, because I haven't loved someone in a long time. *sigh*

i loveeee kissing!!

This is a great entry, and so true! Especially about the people who kiss like dogs. I remember using those same words when describing my ex-boyfriend. Ahhh if only there was such a thing as a kissing gym.

I miss kissing. My husband of 13 years hasn't kissed me passionately in probably 10. It's the one thing that gets me instantly in the mood. Oh well.

*sighs* I know what you mean darling .. kissing is the best , it is so intimate , and affectionate *bats eyelashes and puckers lips* sorry not advertising just practicing ;)

I love those soft and gentle kisses, no tongue, just soft lips on mine feeling his breath on me and his hands caressing the side of my face, turning my head to the side, unable to keep my eyes open because my heart is melting into the feeling of that perfect kiss...

To kiss is to meld the Spirits. So rare in this hussled world of ours. Most have forgotten the meaning and the know-how. Ahh, yes; The Spirit set free of Earthly worries. Free to express our compassion for the other. Time Stands still. Where has that perfect kiss gone ?

I agree kissing is an art; one I really miss. I look forward to the next man who can make my knees weak.

ohh I love kissing , the feeling , the stolen breaths ahhh thanks for the day dream ... oh and a kissing gym a million dollar idea I will be first on line for a membership card ;)

how sexy

Love the way you explain this - though my experience isn't broad enough to fully appreciate :) and if you ever come across someone that does genuinely kiss like a dog, run!

I've never kissed D: so I don't know anything

Two girls have told me I'm good. Maybe three. But I need more practice. I don't just wanna be good, I wanna be phenominal. I love to please my lover. I make sure I do at least one new thing every time I have a hot make out session. A bite to the ear this time. A suck on the collarbone the next. A tight grab of the hair in the near future. And I don't just kiss the lips, I kiss EVERYTHING. I just love using my mouth.

Kissing gymkanna .... now that's a class I would frequent.

I meant boggles!!!!

Kissing gym. Boogles my mind! Would that include tongue weights, mouth excerise gym balls, special kissing dummies...I love to join in but I don't think I could keep a straight face...