It Says So Much.

Kissing says so much, without saying a word.  Except maybe when you tell someone "kiss my butt"!

My kids kiss me all the time, we are a pretty affectionate bunch.  It is funny to notice the transition of when they are "too old" to kiss you on the lips anymore.  My son is the funniest, when I tell him to give me a kiss, he presents me with his cheek.  I tease him "you kiss with your cheek?  Most people use their lips :)"

Kissing a lover is almost as intimate to me as sex.  You can say all kinds of things with a kiss.  The "I'm mad at you" peck, the "I will love you forever" soft meeting of the lips, and the always blood rushing "I want you right now!" kiss that you feel to your toes.

When me and my husband were first dating, we would make out all the time, pretty much anywhere.  We laughed at the fact that we were acting like teenagers, even though we were both 30.  One day, we exited the video store with some movies (not sex movies, you have a dirty mind).  Anyway, we stopped at the back of my car and started kissing.  He lifted me up and sat me on the trunk, where we continued to make out for about 10 minutes.  When we had decided we had had enough to make it home, we proceeded to go get into the car and noticed that IT WASN'T MY CAR!  It looked like my car, was the same color, make and model, but there was someone else's stuff in it, and besides, my key didn't fit.  Well, we were pretty embarrassed, and very glad the rightful owner had not shown up while we were making good use of the trunk of their car.  We still laugh about it to this day.

I love hugs too, but that is another story...

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I am very fortunate to be kissed on the lips, the cheeks and the neck, even my legs when I can't bend down fast enough, by the children I care for during the day and in the evening my husband takes over... on my neck, my lips, my... Well everywhere really. Yep I am a happy girl I get all the kisses I need and want.

Don't you love that first kiss, waiting.. the anticipation. Wondering if you should or should not and just saying "**** it" and taking that chance and as they kiss you back you glad you took that step.

Hell Yeah~ The Passionate kisses, get the nostrils flaring, smoke coming out of the ears, make my stomach feel like a comet exploding inside my soul! Kiss play! kind of like a ramped up Make out session.

they say<br />
love witout a tea without suger<br />
yeh.kissing gives love a great taste

I love your story! I love to kiss and like you said its almost as intimate as sex. It does say a lot, a kiss has so many meanings.

you kiss your kids on the lips? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Cool story!<br />
My son, currently 7 yrs old, insists on planting them square on your lips while staring you in the eyes, I love it.<br />
<br />
Oh, put me down for the “feel it down to your toes” kiss, but toes is another group! ; )

I still kiss my mom on the lips. Maybe I will never make that transition.

What would you say about someone that doesn't enjoy kissing....that is passionate kissing?<br />
Just curious....I know someone like this....A friend's ex.

I so love your sharing..the story about being on the wrong car is so perfect..WOOT! WOOT!


That is so true SignifyingNothing... Actions speak much lounder than words, especially to me who was married to someone who could talk the talk much more than he was willing to walk the walk... He was a master at bs.

It sure is, sappysassy... Totally Yum :)

PT ~ Kiss my big fat azz is one of my favorites, dude! lol<br />
<br />
FM ~ I hear you. They were way too few and far between for many years for me also... Hugs.<br />
<br />
MB ~ LOL, With my luck it would have been some huge jerk who would be leaning over his trunk looking for any tiny scratches my butt might have put on his car... better to go unnoticed... :)

Kisses that you feel to your toes are my favorite. Too bad those are so few and far between.

Hmmm, the "near miss kiss" huh? This one speaks volumes, it says "are you kidding?", "not now, honey" and "not later either" all with one movement. <br />
<br />
Unless, of course, it was an unintentional missed kiss, then it says "Damn, lost out on that one" :)