A Kiss to Remember...

Touching lips is the basic of all kisses.  We kiss our parents, we kiss our kids goodnight, we peck on the cheek.  But a real kiss, the time stopping, heart thumping, nothing else in the world matters kiss....is the most special of all moments.

You look into each others eyes, so hopeful, so cautious.  You feel compelled to move closer.  The sounds around you become muffled, the sweet smells of perfume make your head swirl.  Your palms sweat with nervousness and time stops as your heart races. 

the uncertain smile of your lover's lips makes you wish you could read their mind, do they feel the same way?  Will you scare them away if you move closer?....yet closer you move, wanting only to feel their lips touch yours.

Your eyes close and your lips touch, sparks shoot through your body, and you realize they are kissing you back.  You feel like your soul merges with theirs, twists around and dances to the joyous rythym of your racing heart...

You never want it to end, that kiss, that simple expression of your feelings for that person....when at last you stop and pull away, holding their hand in yours, the depths of their eyes look like an endless expanse of mysteries waiting to be explored, you lose yourself in their eyes and so eagerly, full of hope; look forward to the next kiss....


That is why i like kissing.....

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15 Responses Mar 18, 2007

Beautifully written :) made my day :)

wow..I have never been kissed. If my first kiss was like this I will be over the moon and back. This sounds so good it can't be true. Made my day.

wow, just wow!

This is beautiful. You are really making me want to kiss my current crushes.

This is such a reminder of what I really want I cant wait to see my man

I've had that kiss.. Exceptional.

Awesome description!!!! Mwah!

wow..i felt like i was there.

I have goosebumps now....

Excellent kiss and beautifully written

Great kiss- and it's great when that happens!

Ok ,now I had to take a cool shower after that one.... Holly Moelly

Even if it wasn't your wife you were referring to :0). Wow! How poetic are you?!! Just reading your description makes me want to be kissed like that. Someday maybe, I don't even remember what year it was I experienced a kiss like that but I sure hope one is in my future.

that was a fantastic kiss. your wife is one lucky lady.

The kiss is a terrific trick by nature, to stop speech when words become superfluous.