I Was Watching French Kiss On Cable the Other Day..

... and there was this one part where meg ryan is on the plane with kevin klein or whatever, and he told her about how a prostitute will charge more for kissing as opposed to sex.

then i started thinking.. why IS sex the "top of the top" and most important factor in determining how much a person feels for another? Sex can be viewed as just about feeling good. But there's something about kissing..

i'm not sure what it is.
it's like their SOUL is in their lips, and in a way, it is. People eattalksmokelaughprojectcommunicate with their lips; its such an important part of the body, and to surrender it to someone else and experience that mutually is a very caring and personal thing.

i personally enjoy spending my time with a significant other kissing because i feel like we are just communicating in a different way-- whether its playful, passionate, comforting, whatever-- and on top of that, its a way to show how close you are comfortable being with that person.

there's so much more to kissing than just kissing.. hands, breathing, eyes, body language..
the art of communicating exclusively with someone in a way that doesnt involve words is beautiful.

its something that you can't just buy from someone or sell someone.. its a gift and means of getting to know someone better and more intimately.
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7 Responses Mar 19, 2007

My favorite part was the makeout session in the elevator and the way he was kissing her neck

I've never kissed anyone so obviously don't know how a kiss feels but the way you talk about it is really beautiful...

How very true ...Liplock Gives a depth and new meaning to deep kissing ..Gives a life transfer signal.Gives a bond strength ..........

I am too young to kiss a guy but I really want to will you tell me what it is like?

This is so true. And yes, kissing is far more intimate than sex. This was truly beautiful.<br />
<br />
Oh, and MissSweetRose... Don't worry. Your time will come. :)

Wow! That's beautiful and so true. Thanks for those thoughts. I am glad you shared this. :-) You've given me a lot to think about.

arggggggggghh i have never kissed a guy idk what its like errrrrr