It Lets You Know If That It Is Or Isnt

A kiss even better that first kiss says it all is there sparks can you not wait for more your whole body reacts in a way that only that first kiss can tell. I lean in sliding my hand to the side of your neck softly our lips meet they touch and we both feel the electricity then they open and our tongues dance round and around each other i suck on your tongue and you suck on mine we break the kiss slowly letting our lips leanger on each others . Opening our eyes looking deeply and passionately into each other wanting this moment to last forever
It something that cant be faked it is or it isn't
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

Anything can be faked,a smile a kiss a Gucci handbag.Its been going on since time began.<br />
There is even a story of Adam and eve.

I just faked it. :-P

Yes agree with you it just can't be faked, and it sounds amazing.