I Can't Remember The Last Time I Kissed A Man......

Truth be told, I am not even sure I remember how to kiss. I use my lips for eating, drinking, putting on lipstick, but kissing? I wonder what it would feel like to have a man kiss me with passion, with want, with desire. I do want to be kissed. I want to kiss like a couple of high school students making out on an old couch in some random parent's basement; not coming up for air until absolutely necessary. Kissing on such a magnitude that going at it for a couple of hours, seems like a couple of seconds. Fear keeps me from venturing forth. So whats a girl to do.......post an add on a site, "Wanted: A romantic man who will be expected to kiss me passionately, deeply for hours on end. Those interested please submit your resume and stats to....???"
When I am out with my girlfriends, guys ask me to dance, guys hit on me, I have been invited back to a gentleman's home afterwards for a "nightcap"; but I always say no. I need to be brave and just say yes at least once.
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1 Response Jun 7, 2012

Me. I love to kiss and am afriad to come on to a man.