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A Kiss In A Theater

I never understood why people made out in theaters until I fell in love myself. Then every place we went, we kissed and since we both worked at the theater, we spent a lot of time kissing there and more. Anyplace was good, you could just sit on my lap while I held you and kissed you again and again. I just couldn't have enough of your lips. I had to have more and it was the same for you.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 1 Response Jun 10, 2012

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That's so adorable. She's so lucky.

i wish i had a woman who would do that with me

We were both lucky and everything seemed right in the world for a short while until real intruded rudely. After the loss of our 1st son, she never really recovered. We hung on for two more years after that, but eventually she filed for divorce and the love of life walked out the door.