A Surrender ..

A grab of his arm and I turn
the look in his eyes and I know
Our lips meet and its slow and soft
The swish of our tongues that dance
a dance of promise, a knowing that there is more

A kiss so strong that I surrender to it
holding his arm for support.
While I push him closer so our bodies meet
Breathing him in while he trails, small kisses
on my neck, along my cheek to meet me again.

How a kiss can make you need so much more
Bring you back to your youth when things were new
And exciting and full of promise.
Where the hands wanders for the feel of skin and find
A dance of there own.

Holding tight and touching, pausing not wanting it to end.
But atlas its does, with hopes of a tomorrow.

gingerpie71 gingerpie71
36-40, F
5 Responses Jun 21, 2012

Beautifully Written :)


a good longgg sensual kiss done with the right person,mmmmmmmm can last forever

Yes indeed it can..

Very lovely :) Makes me want to have a boyfriend even more!

A kiss is a very powerful thing. I enjoyed this very much, thanks for sharing baby...

I am glad you liked it, big kisses and hugs :)