Total Excitment

I really love kissing!
I can *** just from making out with someone. And I'm really good at it. I love to teach who I'm with to kiss the way I like to be kissed and they seem to find it hot me being teacher and them student in kissing/making out. I really look forward to kissing I could do it for hours. I find that peoples taste on certain days can be extra attractive/arousing to me. I don't know why they only taste that special way on random days but its really nice.
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4 Responses Sep 6, 2012

ok that´s onteresting you have ot find out if it´s depending on the food the mood or whatever :-) ^^ i like kissing, too but a doubt that that works on guys , too ;-) but thanks to share that wth us ;-9 and good to know ;-)

kissing is such sweet thing ^^ and so arousing

I never really thought of this as being possible until I met my gf. I didn't even touch her other than hands roaming and tongues intertwining and she came. The thought of being able to do that is quite the ego booster

ilove kissing to start slow and build up to a passionfilled kiss a lot of fun . vinny