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Build Up Of Tension.........

I do. I love is such an intimate thing to do with someone else, and has such a pretense for something more to follow......

My favourite part of a kiss is just before the kiss itself.

The intense look, eyes meeting, knowing what is about to happen and that slight air of anticipation..........moving really close so you can feel their breath, but not close enough to be touching yet, just before your lips finally meet and they take your breath away.

I love that bit.

Gets me everytime.
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yes, i like to prolong it. pull back just slightly and then a soft kiss....quick...then just back a bit so lips are barely touching...gazing deeply, and intensely into each other's eyes...building it up...and finally the release of soft lips on mine. yum.

So this is the same dude who you're gonna cuddle with from your other story?

Then I send my regrets to him ... Kidding ... I kid!

Lol you read my mind :)