As I get ready for our date I feel a kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I wonder what you'll be like in person. Will you be the same intelligent, witty, engaging, handsome man I've met online, or will our connection fall flat when facing each other?

I put the finishing touches on my hair and makeup, walk through a spritz of perfume, slide on my jewelry and heels, smooth my dress, grab my clutch, take a deep breath and leave the hotel room to meet you in the library bar before dinner.

My heart is beating like it will break out of my chest as I exit the elevator and walk toward the bar. Being the klutz that I am, I stumble in one heel but keep my balance. I don't usually have trouble walking in heels, but my mind and body are overloaded with anticipation, excitement, apprehension, self-doubt and a giddy confidence all at the same time.

I'm rarely early, but tonight, I have five minutes to spare. I stop at the entrance and peer inside. The library bar is darker, more intimate and quieter than the lobby bar. I'm thinking a crowd and noise may have been a better idea to help cut the unease I'm feeling, but there's no turning back now. I take another deep breath and walk into the bar.

I wonder if I'll recognize you. We didn't discuss clothing, but we've seen pictures of each other, although I don't know how recent yours were. I glance around at the tables and people until I see a lone figure seated toward the back near the fireplace. I watch you for a few minutes as you swirl your wine. Your hands are strong, and although you're wearing a dinner jacket, I can almost feel your powerful arms around me as I drink you in. I think you feel my eyes on you because you turn in my direction. You see me and smile. I smile back, still a little hesitant and not my usual self-assured self. I've never met anyone online, then in person before, and I'm not sure how to be.

You set the glass on the table, rise out of your chair and walk toward me. I didn't think it was possible, but my heart beats faster, and I can hear the blood rushing in my ears. I swallow, still smiling hesitantly as you approach. I watch you as you move, elegant, confident, and my excitement moves down my body and pools at my core. I'm so glad I still want you. I wonder what you'll smell like, taste like, as I've wondered so many times before. As you near, I look up into your gorgeous eyes, and I see a hint of amusement reflected back at me. I think you can tell I'm a little unsure of the situation, and this strikes you as funny, because I'm anything but in our online conversations.

You reach for my hand and kiss the back of it. I laugh at the chivalrous gesture, and that helps cut the tension, although we still stand awkwardly for a moment or two. You guide me back to your table, holding my hand. "You're beautiful," you say as we sit, and although I'm not prone to blushing, I can feel heat rise to my cheeks. I laugh and say, "Thank you. You're just as handsome as I thought you'd be." You grin, reach for the beverage menu and hand it to me. I order a glass of wine from the cocktail waitress, and sigh back into my chair.

We talk for a little while, enjoying our wine, and we lapse into the same witty banter and ease of conversation that we've become accustomed to with each other as the wine relaxes us, the familiarity kicks in, and the apprehension fades.

Our dinner reservation time is looming, so you pay the check, and we get up to leave. You place your hand on the small of my back sending a delicious shiver up my spine as we exit the bar, but instead of guiding me to the restaurant, you steer me outside to the patio. The sun is setting over the water, and it's a beautiful site. Couples are holding hands, caressing each other as they watch the sun set. The breeze blows my hair around my face, and I reach up to push it back. You pull me to the edge of the terrace looking over the ocean, cup my jaw in your hand and pull my face up so I can meet your eyes. "I've wanted to do this since you appeared in the doorway," you say as you lean in.

Oh god, I'm thinking. This is it. The moment of truth. What if we kiss and there's no chemistry? What if you're one of those guys who licks all around my mouth? (I hate that.) What if you're a sloppy kisser or a rigid kisser or a clueless kisser? What if you have halitosis? My mind is flooded with all sorts of scary thoughts because so much rides on this first kiss.

As my heart once again beats frantically, you lower your mouth to mine. I close my eyes and feel your lips on me. They're soft and strong. Ok, not bad, I'm thinking. This could be good. I sigh, and my lips part, offering you an invitation. You slide your tongue along the seam of my lips, then find mine as our tongues dance, caress and I can feel the kiss all the way to my toes. The kaleidoscope begins fluttering madly in my stomach once again; my core is pulsing, and I know the anticipation, although difficult to bear at times, has made this moment so much sweeter. Thank god, I think to myself as I look forward to the promise the rest of the night will reveal, and anticipation once again sets in.
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Very well written, makes me jealous that I wasn't "that" guy! LOL

*laughing* Well, this is just a story. It's not real, but the man who inspired it is. Thank you for the kind compliments. :)

I hadn't read this one. I'm glad you featured it. You've described it so perfectly, I could actually feel the anticipation building up. I really do love the way you write.

Thank you, sweet friend. This is a favorite of mine. :)

You really do have a gift for capturing those moments we all cherish but that pass too quickly. Bravo.

Thank you. You have a gift with writing as well. I enjoy your stories very much, and I appreciate your kind comments on mine.

i love the way you have wrote this. so tense, sweet, longing, and makes me think about that anticipation and the feelings it can bring. that first touch, that first kiss ... when you lose your breathe or your breathing is becoming so heavy you think u might pass out. mmmm divine! x

Thank you. I love kisses that take your breath away.

Yes so do i ... so very much!!!!

That feeling is not one that can ever be forgotten. x

hmmm well the build up...and the anticipation builds well and leaves you wanting for more...:)

Thank you. I do love the anticipation of that first kiss and then more.

well who doesnt...especially if it has been fantasized and imagined many times over ;)

Very true. Imagination is a wonderful thing, but it can only do so much.

true again but it does give a wonderful start ;)


like it has to our conversation :)

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great writing

Thank you. :)

The anticipation of the Kiss, can be the best part....

I don't know that it's the best part, but it's definitely wonderful.

Well, its the best part if they are a horrible kisser. Lol. Very well written. Add me, please

True. If the kiss is horrible, the evening is ruined, lol.

As for adding, I'd appreciate it if you'd read these stories of mine first. Thanks. :)

*takes you into arms, kisses softly, tightens hold, kiss deepens, hands begin exploring, kiss moves to neck and turns to light nibbles, looks into your eyes and says "Very nice, my dear"*

Thank you, Kink. I'm glad you liked it. :)

You're quite welcome as always, my dear. :-)

This is very well written. Describes the anticipation to a tee. Kisses are so magical and wonderful.

Yes, kisses are wonderful! Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you liked the story.

"This could be good".

Very simple, but I really liked it.

Thank you. I haven't read it in a while, and it was nice to revisit it. I'm glad you liked it.

very nice...i love intimate and hot....slowly,,,,hungry...with desire then with lust....feeling ur warm breath on my face adn neck...making my **** hard with anticipation and lust...i kiss u with hunger and lust,,,tasting ur neck as a vampire..sucking slowly and roughly..feeling ur body against mine..u feel my **** against ur warm wet flower...we look at each other knowing what is going to happened next..two strangers enjoying the moment...

I do love kissing, especially kisses and nibbles on the neck. Very arousing. I hope you have someone to share that with.

i do...but its nice to try it on some one who has never exp such a rush

This was so well written that I could viscerally feel the moment . . .

Oh, to be caught up in that moment again . . .

I know - wouldn't that be wonderful? I miss feeling that way, too.

It is that anticipation that makes you feel alive, that moment . . . just before it happens . . .

Yes, but I also happen to love the moments after as well.

Yes, those moment are certainly wonderful as well.

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That was so very nicely written. You really captured that moment. I like your writing!

Thank you. :) This is one of my favorite stories. I was inspired when writing it.

I'll bet! It's a landmark experience, like "going all the way" - again. ;)

Ah the power of the kiss .... it is indeed magical!
great story!

Thank you. It is indeed - so wonderful when the chemistry's there. *sigh*

Wonderful post and really well written. The magic of that first meeting alive and well.

Thank you. I love a little magic. :)

Oh yes, kisses are great. They just intensify the passion between two.

Definitely. I love kissing. Obviously, since I joined this group. :)

Every lover has this in his or her mind and you have brought it out beautifully.

Glad you liked it, and thank you for your comment!

Beautiful. I can feel it!

Thank you. Glad you like it.

"Kaleidoscope of butterflies." Why is it that every time I read your writing, I end up wanting to be deliciously bad things to you?

Lol. I don't know, but I appreciate your comments. :) Thanks.

You're so welcome... I always look forward to hearing your latest offerings..

I think I'll post something new today. I plan to peruse my groups and see if inspiration hits...

Ha! I do the same thing from time to time. A lot of my groups are raunchy though... I need to streamline that one of these days..

Lol - I need to go through mine and drop some. My groups are a little out of control. I wouldn't post stories to all of them, but some are redundant. Just wish EP had a way to organize your groups. I already made the search and organize suggestions, and supposedly they're working on it.

Well I'll keep my eyes open to see what you come up with for your next offering. I'm the same way... I definitely wouldn't post in all of my groups, but each of them applies in some way or another, whether large or small.

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It makes me wish I were that lucky gentleman. A very nice story my dear.... Don't worry too much about what we men think, because we also wonder about what you ladies think too (winking)....

Thank you for commenting. :) Yes, I believe we both often wonder what the other is thinking...

Being a Guy,....It isn't any different.. I've gone through the same thoughts in my mind many times. Nice to know that someone else feels the same.

Thank you. Yes, I think those things and probably many more before that first kiss. Although, it's been a very long time since I had a romantic first kiss.

Wonderfully done. Thank you.

Thank you for reading and commenting! Glad you enjoyed it.

That's beautiful sweety.

Thank you, sweet man. :)

Your welcome. ;)

What a fun, beautifully written, lovely story, thank you for sharing it :)

Thank you!

LLLD3, you are always so sexy and imaginative and romantic!

Thank you. I aim to please. :)

And you do:)

Wow! Your story did exactly as intended: pulled us all into our own memories of ANY dates we've had, let alone meetings with those we've talked to online. You TOTALLY have a firm grasp of the power of The Word. You rock! :-)

Thanks, druidkat7! I appreciate your kind comments. :)

I don't wish to reduce your poetry to a few words, but, my mind is filled with the look of shock on your face after that first kiss. You can't believe that you've done that... and then when I take your quivering lower lip between my teeth and my hand cups your bottom, pulling you too me. For a moment I own you... and you let me...

Once again your fineness with words displays it's self. I too found my heart quickening, the need to take a deep breath to steel myself and the giddy anticipation of what might be. Well done! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Thank you! I so appreciate your comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think I might just like this writing thing... ;)

It is certainly addictive - even more so when you have talent, like you do.

Once again, I humbly thank you, dear one. :) xox

It's the rare story that actually lives up to its title. Bravo!

Thank you. I enjoyed writing it.

Love all the details. Very well written.