When i see him smiling first thing in the morning, just for me, my heart swells. I feel it in my throat, in my belly, down my spine- butterflies, tickling and fluttering. I love him, and i feel it more in the moment before a kiss than any other time. He's fun and strong and he makes me feel so safe. Matt kisses me once lightly and i smile, gripping him tighter. It's amazing how perfectly our bodies fit together, as if i was made to be in his arms. We kiss again, harder, more passionately, and he looks into my eyes and at my body in a way only meant for me. With a look no one else has the privilege of recieving.

I'm nowhere near close to perfect, but with him, it doesnt matter; he makes me perfect, he makes me whole, and he makes me beautiful. When he touches me, i want to tell him the truth, that i've grown to love him so much more than i say. That over the past few months, i've fallen in love. I say nothing, though, for fear that he'll run away. That hearing such a declaration from me will scare him, intimidate him, make him want to "get out" before we get any closer. That he'll leave me alone, broken.

I'm insecure. I dont know how i got such an amazing guy to love me like he does, and i dont know how to keep him, but slowly, as i shed the weight of my past in the form of stories, it gets easier. Our relationship becomes more open and wholesome, and i begin to really trust him to catch me when i take the leap.

When we part, we kiss, and he tells me he loves me. I tell him i love him too, and he says with a grin, "i love you more." If he only knew.
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Your story made my entire year. Thank you so much, Alyssa. I love you very much :)