How To Kiss A Woman...

Written by a great friend of mine on EP. She Rocks!

I love kisses! The more the better. Before, during, and after sex. Just don't stop kissing. I mean the mouth, but I also mean the neck, the ears, the chin, the forehead, the shoulders, the collar bone, the arms, the fingers, the breast (spend a lot of time kissing the breast). The tummy, the hips, the thighs, the knees, front and back, down the calves, ankles, feet and toes. Then work your way back up to her honey pot. Sit back and enjoy her sweet nectar. Because if you have just worshipped her body like I just described, her juices will be flowing. While your kissing her body, tell her that her skin is like silk. Compliment her on how she feels under your hands. Tell her you want to eat her whole. Never stop loving her body. That you love the way she smells, and tastes. Tell her how beautiful her breasts are. Take some time to really look and massage them. Tell her all
the things you are going to do to her. How you are going to make her feel. Hoe you are going to give her the best ****** she's ever had. Above all else don't hurry. There's a time and place for fast, hard sex...not this time.
Savor her body. Worship her body. Memorize her body. Every freckle should be kissed. Tell her how you love her freckles. 
That's how I like to be kissed. 

Hope you can enjoy this with a woman very soon! Hope it helped!

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I love this. Many could learn so much.

Nice !!!!!!

Nicely said.

That is exactly my thoughts on kissing

Good advice.

wish my husband could think like you, saathshine. beautiful.

I cant agree more


That's wht I am talk about.