Special Kiss

I want that one special kiss
That fills my heart full of bliss
The one that takes my foot off the ground
And that makes my heart start to pound
The one that makes my body start to shudder
And makes my heart begin to flutter
The one that takes me into the sky
The one that makes me want to cry
The one so filled with love
It makes me want to fly like a Dove
Jessica1967 Jessica1967
41-45, T
3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I liked your poem and I especially liked the line "The one that takes my foot off the ground". Very good use of words, absolutely original and so discriptive aynone who knows about kissing will be able to instantly understand. I loved it.

Thank you.

You're welcome. I wish I could find someone who could kiss me like that. I would love to feel my hose covered high heeled leg lifting off the grould involuntarily because of the kiss.

Have faith it will happen. You are good person and anyone who cannot do that for you is undeserving of you! Your comments fill my heart with love and joy!

Love Jade

Jade with a message like that I wish we were neighbors and I would be over next door in a flash and i'm sure my foot would lift off the floor then!!

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Very pretty as I read I could visualize the words and take them for meaning something in metaphor.

Thank you RJ I am glad it made you visualize the poem and liked it

beautiful xx

Thank You!!!! XOXOXO!!!!