I Have An Oral Fixation....lol

I love how many different kisses we share, me and my other half. The good morning peck on the lips. The gentle 'I'll be right back' kiss on his forehead when he is still laying in bed half asleep in the morning. The chain of multiple short little kisses that you try to do that are sometimes misaligned because you're smiling and laughing too hard to properly pucker up aim... lol I love those.
Sometimes they come in a set of like three or four, and are common when we are feeling particularly affectionate towards each other. He'll get that tilted softly lopsided smile that's just so damned infectious, maybe he'll pull me gently to his lips, or I'll just meet him half way and lay a good three or four short sweet kisses on his soft pierced lips. See, he's mixed, Black and Sicilian....beautiful to look at and just devilishly handsome in the face, gorgeous full lips serene features, lovely smooth skin that is just irresistible to me what with my oral fixation and all... I can't help but sign my lips all over him. His neck, collar, shoulders, need I continue?

The kiss for me is very personal...and I put a WHOLE LOT of meaning and feelings behind every single one I grace my partner with.
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Love reading your stories. Can you add me?

Of course, just like everybody else on here.

Me too (with women) and yes you need to continue.... lol But seriously, please continue....

You enjoy reading descriptive conveyances of situations like this?

I agree,,kissing is very special