The Whole Body Kiss

I don't know if I'm the only one who does it but when I kiss someone my entire body gets involved. I make the rest of the world melt away somehow. I've been told it's like some kind of therapy.

There's a club near downtown Dallas (TX, USA) called the Lizard Lounge. In the back corner near the restrooms there's a wall that vibrates from the bass in the speakers. That's my favorite place for this type of full body kiss.
TwistedBit903 TwistedBit903
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6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

A kiss like that can quickly lead to more, so being in the establishment could be a little too stifling....

wow i thought i was the only one who enjoyed this

I`m in Plano and have been to Tyler many many times.

I would love to kiss every square inch of your body head to toe front and back just to warm up.

I have a man I kiss and when I do his body reacts in a very obvious way and all I do is kiss him. I give very good kisses

kissing can be very erotic. you can make each other *** just by getting so into it passionately. i love kissing and touching each other.