Kissing Is So Erotic

I enjoy kissing for hours on end, it is so utterly sensual; intimate, and one of my most favorite ways of foreplay. Kissing deeply makes my whole body electric; when my lover kisses me it makes me tremble in delight. I can never get enough of his tongue, his lips; I close my eyes, and I imagine him quite vividly kissing me endlessly, in all the places that matter most. To be kissed by the one that loves me so; our passion rising to its ultimate height of ecstasy . . . is complete, sweet surrender. I can't ever get enough, I hunger for his kisses. It's absolute torture to be deprived; I ache for his mouth, warm and soft upon mine . . .
KattG KattG
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I totally agree. We would kiss for hours. Deep passionate kisses. I think that may be what I will miss most about our relationship. That KMOMA kisses that her & I would share.