My Kisses

I kiss very gentle
Very passionate, even in the most intense love making my lips stay soft as a feather on his.
Brushing them against his cheek, his shoulder ,his chest like the wind, soft and light giving him noticeable chills.
When I trace soft circles on his body with my tongue my lips are molten and full making it feel like I'm teasing him by tickling his skin.
I nibble on parts of him, my velvety lips slipping off his skin sending shocks all through him. These lips of mine delicous and pink please him all over until I reach his own set then we really set it off.
Like folds of silk enveloping each other, dancing around in a gentle lovers song. Each movement is fluid and molded to the others much like it's one set.
He feels me kiss him like no one else, so sensual so deep but feather light not too wet.. just enough moisture for them to slide gracefully over each other. I gently bite on his lower lip pulling it with my teeth sending him over the edge. He pulls me to him hard his lips crushing mine but still lost in that caress of plush fulness. He feels my lips pull back as I'm kissing him and he knows I'm smiling.
In that moment we're the only two people that exist. Connected by a kiss.
kshix kshix
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013