Oh, the Most Sensual  Exp...

Oh, the most sensual  expression of love.  I would even kiss my best friends,  just to show them how much they mean to me.  Even a complete stranger if they helped me out.
danieljacksonstargate danieljacksonstargate
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Have you ever been somewhere... by yourself or with your significant other, see someone and think to yourself mmm I would love to kiss him? You find yourself staring at his lips. You realize you are licking your own lips in anticipation. And with the realization comes the thought.. oh ****. I hope noone else caught that!

i know what you mean. i like to be more exclusive though. i love kissing my best freind. she's great at it. your best freinds are the best people to kiss because ur not using them cuz ur horny. you love them, and it feels great.

i want to kiss people more...its like come here hug kiss kiss kiss lol ..

I didn't know this site existed..<br />
when I meet someone I look at their mouth; am SO drawn to the idea of kissing & tho I'm married & it was never ever anything with him...I fantasize about kissing...& would love a session. There's so many ways to kiss..soft, teasing,urgent, exploring,gentle,tongue tipping,'butterfly', everyone remembers their first kiss...