Kiss Me

I had never had much experience with kissing until I started dating my last boyfriend. He was much more experienced than I was and that made me very nervous about kissing him. But he still kissed me as much as I let him, even though I'd break away out of nervousness. He was my first kiss in general, my first make out, my first kiss in the rain. But I broke up with him b/c our relationship was too hard to keep secret (its a long story). As of late, I've been missing kissing him. Not just kissing, but kissing him. The way he would stop just a centimeter from my lips, the way he always scolded me for pulling away. I've been going through some tough times, and he's there for me as a friend, but I wish that I could just pin him against the wall and kiss him silly. I just want to forget about the problems I'm facing right now and lose myself in his lips. But, sadly, this can only exist as a dream. :/

sillyrabbit1234 sillyrabbit1234
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I am very sorry that the relationship couldn't continue. It is very hard to remain friends with someone you have physical feelings for after the relationship ends. Some people search a lifetime for someone they love to kiss and have only memories of searching and bad kisses. You have one very, very valuable thing though, your first real kisses, your first kiss in the rain, your memories of his kisses. These are great happinesses from your past and will follow your soul like pretty butterflies reminding you of wonderful feelings; those kind of hauntingly good experiences make you happier in the future if you remember the pleasure of them.