My Perfect Kiss

He is standing in front of me, looking at my lips with desire. He puts his hands out and I put my hands in his. He pulls me closer, bends down and touches my lips with his. Soft at first, open mouth, no tongue. Then he kisses a little harder, pushing my mouth open further, touching my tongue with his. Our lips are pressed together, our tongues are touching, tasting. This whole time, we are still just holding hands, inches apart.

He lets go of my hands and pulls me closer. He puts his hands in my hair and grabs a handful, pressing my mouth closer and harder to his. He moves his hands to my face, cupping it in his hands, the whole time kissing me. He moves his hands down and pulls me even closer to him. I feel him getting excited, he is so hard. Our bodies are pressed so close together, I can feel him breathing, I can feel his heart beating so fast. He takes one of his hands and starts moving it all over my body, touching my ***, touching my breasts. The other hand is back in my hair, keeping my face so close to his.

I am exploring his body as well. My hands move from his waist to his head, pulling him closer still. I move to his front and press my hands on his chest, so strong, so muscular.  I move my hands down and put them on his firm ***, pushing him into me.  I feel how hard he is getting.

My knees are weak, I feel like I am floating. He moves away from my lips and starts to kiss my neck, nibbling on my earlobe. But he can't keep away from my lips. He comes back and hungrily kisses me harder and deeper. I move my hand and touch him where he is the hardest. He moans with pleasure and presses himself into me. We are both breathing so hard, the desire is just too much to bear.

He looks at me when we kiss, not closing his eyes for most of it. He likes the look of desire in my eyes when he is kissing me, as do I in his. This is the kind of kiss I have always wanted to experience, the kiss that doesn't go away for days. As I sit here, remembering, I can still feel his lips on mine. I long for the time when I can feel them again....

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8 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Wow! A kiss for the ages.

WOW!! I need a cold shower after reading that.

I've forgotten how to!....It's been so long!

Thank you to one and was an amazing moment, one I hope to experience again....and again.....and again! :-)

very well written!

Whew!!!! Very steamy!! I don't need any coffee this morning now, my motor is running now!!! ;-)~

Ohhh! A great story. Words are powerful ... and you gave me such a vivid image here. i liked it.

WOW great story. Can't wait till my hubby gets home and hope I can live out your story. Getting excited thinking about that perfect kiss. Hope it leads to a night of passion and romance.