Does anyone have any kissing tips? I'm a girl. And I don't know if I'm a good kisser or not?
chahtaSia chahtaSia
18-21, F
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Too bad you can't set up a booth at a fair and sell kisses for a dollar !
There used to be kissing booths.
Let's bring those back. Great career.
Precautions for health would be taken.

Just be relax, be yourself and let it your feeling thru your kiss.. I have kissed a many many girls and lady.....I have yet to meet a bad kisser..she is special in her own way..That is what makes kissing so exotic, and soo erotic......Ummm, just be sure you haqve brushed your teeth when you first start, later it doesn't matter


One person could enjoy your kisses another might not..... It's all opinion..... I could suggest thousands of things but you could just google it..... Or change up your kissing style and find out what the person you kiss thinks..... Although you a girl kissing someone. I doubt anyone would say your bad.