I love kissing but my boyfriend isn't a fan of it...very depressing.
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How could he not be. Kissing is an amazing feeling

bah....move on...cant live without lots and lots of kisses...smile...

If I were your bf I would be kissing you a lot

Damn, girl. Talk to him!


than change your self and go for licking

Me too!!!

Is he gay?

That's not good a man should do it anyway. Just for u

your boyfriend could be using u as a status symbol rather than being interested

He could be

Sounds like you need a new boyfriend

you should ask him why he doesn't like to kiss. its so intimate and romantic.

Dump him

Crazy guy. I love kissing.long tender kisses or passionate ones. I love kissing

Im in the same situation among other things

Oh wow, that's terrible. Kissing is so very necessary and sexy and romantic and passionate.

Is he mentally deficient or gay?

Lol that's funny. No. He's straight as can be...maybe a little slow

You should talk to him about it

I have but he just says he's not a big fan of it

Do you believe that's why?

Kind of...we've had issues but he's not a very romantic person anyways.

It is time to move on... He is probably cheating on you anyway..

We live together and I think he did before and I said if he ever lied or hid anything from me again I'd be gone...but it's a more complex situation that anyone knows

It sucks.. I am in the same situation.. It is called being taken for granted..

Call him out on it.

I have. Trust me, I'm very open and will express my concerns

Good, stay that way.

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I'm not sure. I ask him and he says he just doesn't really like it...unless he's in the mood too. It's kind of odd

How does he not like kissing?!