When you feel that warmth run through you as your lips meet your lovers....
It takes your breath away... you feel dizzy, weak in the knees....
It must be LOVE!
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Love it, and miss it.

:-( I said the same thing... once upon a time... but look at me now my friend... *smile* Do not stop desiring or loving... there is always tomorrow...hopefully...if God is willing. Take care

Really good kissing with me normally leads to s*x.
It excites me so much and lubricates all my tubes.

lol... hello juicylucy.... oh dear. Well.. after 40 years of s*x, I have found something better. my oh my... it is when two souls meet, everything falls into place., like it's been there always. They steal a kiss in public, throughout the day they pet each other, romance each other. It's not all about s*x, it's about a lingering, lasting, desire for your mirror image.

A lover's kiss is the one thing in life that never disappoints.

Hi BlueTortoise! This is a true statement! *smile*

...and after nearly 37 years, my lover's kiss still still thrills me.

you are a lucky lady... I think I am too. *smile* Hey.. Blue...you are good folks. Thank you for your hand in friendship.

Perfect description. I miss that magic feeling so much.

I swear I tell the truth here and now! I have never had my breath taken away till I kiss climber1. It was magical from the get-go! It has been 15 months ago since our first kiss... to this day, I need to hold on to something after he release me from his kiss...I am so off-balance... Now... *smile* That goes beyond good.

I can feel your happiness just to read your words. You just put a big smile on my face. I'm happy for you and so jealous!!! Enjoy every moment!

That was a very kind and considered reply. Now I myself am smiling real big like! Thank you!

It still make me feel like a teenager when I'm deep tongue kissing ;)

;-) Yes! It curls me toes when my man plants a deep kiss on me! sigh.... yes!

It doesen't necessarily mean its love...but its still nice...:-)

giggling... I'll give you that...true..but ... soooo much nicer when love is part of kissing.

Morning, Morning! lol...(even if it is afternoon, couldn't resist it! )....indeed it is but if we all had too wait till we were in love to experience that sort of kissing, we would be missing out on a heck of a lot! :-)

True once again *smile*

yes sir, you are correct!

So much more intense when strong desire and love are behind the kiss!

Yes sir, without a doubt! Thank you.

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