Unforgettable Kisses

Kisses on my lips

Long sweet ones

Full of passion

That transports me

to a special sky

The sky of lovers

Lights and colors

Hert beats, butterflies

A moment in a time

A time to love

Lips to explore


to sense

to taste


to fly

to dream

in paradise.


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6 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Endless kisses. I promise you that you will melt if you dare start. xx

really love this one :-)<br />
<br />
nothing is more passionate or complete than a kiss

"Kisses on my lips<br />
<br />
Long sweet ones<br />
<br />
Full of passion<br />
<br />
That transports me..."<br />
<br />
to heaven! Smiles

very nice,<br />
<br />
kisses are the magic that love sprinkles

I love morning kisses. Waking up with the person you love is the best!

*deep sighs*