I Love Kissing But My Wife Doesn't

I miss it so much........

She says that it is for younger people.  I wonder what happened.

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now that i have offered a womans point of view that i hope can be helpful to you, can you please offer some advice to me. my husband and i are a young couple late 20's, but even before we were married when it came to kissing he would never give me a full french kiss unless i brought it up, he wouldn't come right out and reject me, he would move his face when i leaned in for a kiss, or just keep his lips locked and kiss me everywhere but my mouth, obviously i asked him over and over if i have bad breath and i go crazy flossing and brushing my teeth to the point i have dreams of teeth, i know for sure it isnt that as i've asked so many people. I hit the gym at least 3x's every week and i use to be a model so i know it isnt my appearance. We have no children and i'm devoted to him and enjoying making love to him regularly, i'm at breaking point and dont know what to do anymore. on the other hand i can sometimes over react to things but in my site i cant fault myself on anything else, i love to cook for him and just do anything to make him smile, he himself is a wonderful man with the kindest heart, i cant give one complaint about him other than to say he wont his tongue touch mine. i would love a man's opinion please.

Good day guys, i came across this site as i was searching for advice about my own marriage, i was hoping that the views of men might help me understand why my own husband doesn't like french kissing me and then i saw all of your comments, i know this was done years ago but i would love to offer some advice of my own. RussKev, alot of times men say things in a joke manner and think that women understand that they are being serious, but from a womans view, when your falling inlove with someone, you think that when they say they are telling the truth they are, when they say they are joking they are, you must be willing to be clear other wise she would be so blinded by what could be, she wont see your joke as anything other than a joke. for all the other men, i was actually moved to see how so many of you just want a simple thing as a kiss and i'm sure if your wives read this they would be moved as well. I wont act as though i know your lives, but allow me to make a few suggestions. Treat a women good all day to get what you want at night. We women are very emotional beings and if we dont feel special all day then its pretty much downhill from there, in all honesty, your wife could be holding back her kisses and sex because of a fight that happened weeks ago that she thinks was never truly dealt with, but how are you to know? so you need to keep up with the kind comments and actions, if she is gaining a few pounds still tell her she looks like she's losing weight, if her morning face isnt the best site, still tell her you don't know how she does it, you don't know how she keeps herself so beautiful. it might not happen right away, but you keep on cuddling her emotional side and treating her good and i am willing to promise you that in time you will be fighting her off you. Another thing is honesty, tell her you miss her lips pressed against yours, and if she says something like, we're to old for that, then get ur emotional cuddles ready and tell ask her if she's crazy, a woman that says that is crying out to be told how youthful she is and gorgeous she still looks. i guess my main advice is a little honest mixed in with some half truths and a hint of lies. to get what you want from a lady It takes hours of mental emotional foreplay so pucker up ur lips for that before you can expect a kiss.

Wow, I stumbled on to this page. I guess EP has a lot of topics. Usually just look at what they mail me to look at.
Now guys, remember this. There is one food that will ruin a womans sex drive forever. It's called Wedding Cake. Me, I have always been single. I told a GF once that if I didn't get what I wanted at home, I'd order out. I said it like a joke but she knew I meant it. Days later she was telling me how unhappy she was. I said, "What the F*** are you still doin here, there's the door!"
Then I heard her on the phone telling a guy how bad I was treating her. I told her it was over, now go. I even finished fixing her car so she could leave. It was my house, still is. She wanted to fight about what she could take. I told her to take what ever she wanted. I just wanted her gone.
When you 1st start to hook up with a woman, making out and sex is ALL they seem to want. Is that a game? idk... Is it just to see if they can obtain you? And then they start believin their own bullsh_t?
When it gets to the point that she thinks kissing or sex is a chore, it is time to move on. Her or you. Now if it's not financially possible well you have problems. Unless you can talk her in to the old, "we still need each other financially as in a place to live, but we can F*** anyone we like."
Just not in the house where we live. Because oneday she will bring in Drunk Assed Testosterone Tommy and he will try to kick the sh_t outta you. Then you may have to shoot him or stab him and she gets everything and you get jail.
Or it could go the other way and the women fight and now you have to go through divorce and split up what you own anyway. But try to find a babe with a home B4 she finds a guy with one and starts divorce proceedings. Or at least have a plan.
Now I figure that she should want sex as bad as I do. It should be pleasure (If you're both doin it right :-) not a chore. If I am that unattractive I'm sure I can find someone that doesn't think so. Or she's fallen out of love with me and it's over anyway.
The only reason I wrote all of this is because I feel for you my brothers. It sux. Me, I would rather live alone than with the wrong woman. But for those of you who can't, ya better start making a plan. Remember that job you hated but you just COULDN'T QUIT because you needed the money. What happened when you finally lost it. You found another way, right? Just sayin.....

Sometimes ladies loose tht spark,cos they dnt feel attractive anymore..

My wife doesn't like to kiss a lot. I want to kiss her deeply and passionately and long, but she pulls away after a few seconds. She says she likes to kiss but now we did it. She also says it doesn't turn her on, that it's like a switch that's not connected to anything. But sometimes I can get her to kiss me the way I want her to.

My wife is the same way. It makes me so damn sad.

I am one of those that struggles on the kissing front. Growing up I loved it, more than anything else. I can hardly believe that my wife is the one I love to kiss the least of my exgfs, but she is also the one I love the most for all the other aspects of a relationship, including sex. <br />
<br />
There are reasons why we don't kiss as much as we would both like. We kissed more when we would go out, get drunk, and all of the smells, tastes just blended together, but that's not sensual at all and drunk sloppy love is no fun really after the first time or two (if ever). She finally kicked her smoking habit, so that has helped a little. But it's even her lips, they're just not that juicy. I don't love her any less, but they feel chapped often and it's not pleasurable. Sometimes we'll kiss, but it's not the same as I experienced in past relationships sadly enough. <br />
<br />
Love her to death though, and our chemistry in bed is good. Not holy **** send me to the moon ******* good, but better than average if EP stories are any measure.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you all, and I am equally saddened and frustrated by my own withdrawal from this bedtime activity.

Scuba, try wetting YOUR lips. A little at first, then after a few times a little more, etc till YOU get it right. Who knows what may happen. think your lips are exactly the sam as they were 20 yrs ago? ya gotta give pleasure to get pleasure...

Of course there's a group for this :( *sigh*<br />
<br />
Me too, Patty53. Where does the passion go? I still have it, but to constantly be the driver...I don't get it. I don't feel unattractive, I love to look at my wife, and kissing is so very sensual.<br />
<br />
Miss, miss, miss it.

We are pretty much roomates too...but friendly roomates that sleep in the same bed. I guess I always get morally stuck at the point of wondering, if I did have an affair, how would I feel about myself? That trust that we have in each other would be gone. I want to be trusted, and yet, I want to be made love to as well. The internal struggle continues.

Have you tried to talk to him about it? A new nighty maybe? Play with some Strawberries and Whip Cream? Get a little kinky, bend over his knee and smiling and sexy, tell him to spank you? Or you think up your own kink. Tell him something new that you and he may like. Buy some toys, handcuffs, whatever. Safe Word and all that... Now I really don\'t understand a GUY that doesn\'t want sex. Unless he\'s getting some on the side.

Almay, I've never understood women, I guess. I don't know if this is your situation but it always seemed that sex was great, she seemed to really enjoy it and I'd fool myself into thinking that she'd want to do that again soon, then, there would be weeks and weeks and weeks of rejection. I'd get frustrated, bitter and angry and finally decided that it was best for me to just withdraw. We're now roommates, just taking care of the house, keeping cars running, nothing more. <br />
<br />
An affair doesn't take anything away from your marriage if there's nothing there. <br />
<br />
Good luck to you.

myfaultofcourse......you could well be right. It is so easy to understand why people have affairs.

I think they stop kissing because it used to lead somewhere that they no longer want to go. I miss it, too.

I miss kissing so much....real kissing...for an hour kind of kissing...mmmmmmm

i LOVE kissing! whoever i end up with d@mn well better like it too! lol

Im with you seems that after they pass 30 years old they forget kissing my wife is 34 old and don't like to kiss .... that's why im having younger girls around to supply that necessity...

waaa? i love kissing! I actually brought it up to my bf that we don't KISS *not that popo stuff* often. He joked about it then said you're right. And now we're kissing a bit more how i like it. We used to have times in the past where we would make out for like an hour straight without stopping. To me its very sensual if your do it right, to actually close your eyes and FEEL each others lips. ITS GREAT!

I love kissing! I can't believe anyone would ever stop liking it. What does age have to do with it? That's so odd to me! My boyfriend stopped kissing me after we had been dating for a while, but one day I just casually said, "we don't kiss enough anymore", and the problem was solved. I'm sorry about your wife! I hope she comes around.

I think kissing is the most sensual experience there is...if you are kissing someone who is a good kisser....if not...forget it

Guilty as charged. I love my husband. Our sex life is brilliant. But kissing. Nah. I do the peck thing. Mind you, I'd be miffed if I didn't get the pecks.

A bizarre attitude, shared, I believe, by my wife.<br />
<br />
Is kissing just for horny virgins? Once you're no longer a virgin, all the kissing you need are the dry pursed-lipped pecks upon greeting or parting?<br />
<br />
Since, I think for many of us, these kisses are used by married people while parting for, or returning from work, I'd like to propose the term "Station Kisses".<br />
<br />
"Have a nice day dear!" Peck! "Call me!".<br />
<br />
"Hello dear!" Peck! "How was your day?"<br />
<br />
"That chicken was lovely dear!" Peck! "Pack some for my lunch tomorrow, would you be so kind?"<br />
<br />
"A new vacuum cleaner! Oh honey!" Peck! "Thank you!" Peck! "Thank you Thank you!"<br />
<br />
Station kisses.