Sighhh First Kisses :*

 I love the rush of a first kiss.

It’s like no other feeling. When you’re with someone that you have true feelings for and whatever you’re doing reaches that point where you just can’t stand to not have them. As the tension mounts and the desire grows, your heads begin to tilt slowly. Then you each share a mischievous smile or a loving glance as the distance glows shorter and shorter.

You begin to feel their body heat and get a quick chill that spreads all the way down your spine. The feeling of utter confidence overcomes you and you are invincible. At that moment, you couldn’t care one bit about what the future may hold, and you just let go and accept. That perfect release, when you savor in the present state by taking in each and every detail. Their heat begins to radiate, you can feel their breath from inches away on your face. You see that glow on their skin, touch their cheek and truly notice their magnetism.

And then at last, the perfect climax, the most delicate kiss. Two pulsing lips slowly and purposely press together, at the moment of pure submission. You can feel their tension, desire, lust, care, passion, insecurities, and love, everything through the purest of touches. In that instant you feel that undeniable energy between each other and the sense of absolute peace, everything feels so right. From there it continues on and grows stronger and stronger. But to me that first embrace, that first kiss is the most exhilarating.

An incomparable moment to be treasured forever. 

sjttennis sjttennis
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2010

WOW - great ability to express romantic thoughts and describe the beauty of the kiss. You are young and may encounter heart ache in relationships along the way, but keep that passion alive, keep expressing yourself the way you do. Be patient and make sure you have the right guy who can give you back the same passion that you have in your heart. You don't deserve anything less.