Growing Like A Weed~

This is the orphaned foster kitten that I have been raising. What a joy he has been for me. Soon, he is going to his forever home. I have posted a video of him nursing. :-)
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4 Responses May 9, 2012

He's just soooo precious and lovable. :-)

This morning I walked into the kitchen and looked down into his kitty coral...I nearly went into shock...instead of standing there screaming for formula, tring to climb the walls of his coral....he was at his little bowl, happily eating kitten chow in a funny "sucking" sort of cute! I still fed him his formula because he likes it and he needs the calories, but, he is growing up for sure! :-)

Blessed be what a's a blessing you were Mom to this sweetie xxx<br />
take amazing pics...<br />
i want one :)<br />
thank you about my are beautiful Hilly ...the avi now ~

I thank you for your kindness hon! You are so sweet, have a bright and blessed day my dear friend. :-)

Aw, what a cute baby <3

Thank You! He will always be loved~