Ms Kitty

My love of cats started at the age of 2 years. My parents had gotten me a cat costume, and I wore it all the time. I had a cat, too. She was so soft, her name was ms kitty. I grew up with my kitty until age 1o. My cats nose seemed to be rotting off. By the middle of the year, her whole nose was gone and you could see bone. My mom took her to the vet to be put down. I don't think I cried as much before as I had then. Why wouldn't I? I loved that cat. She was older than I was. 1 year later, at age 11, I went to my aunts house. She took a cardboard box in and set it down. There was at least 6 baby kittens. They were so small. They made little mew sounds as they toddled up and fell right down again. My aunt heated up some bottles and we got to feed them. Then we set them on the ground and watched them clumsily walk around. I had this idea. I could be a babysitter! I enjoy babies, and kittens! I know how to feed them! I will be a babysitter when I'm 12! All of a sudden my brother started turning red and he started coughing. A week later, we took him to the doctors office. It turns out he is SEVERLY allergic to cats. This made me upset because I had dreamed for a long time about getting a new kitten that we could care for. My 12 birthday came. I got my first babysitting job, and I played with the baby Nd fed the baby and changed her diaper. Everyone said I was going to be a wonderful mother when I grew up. I decided that as soon as I move out, I will get a kitten. I am now 13 years old, and cats are my favorite animals. Its so stupid how everyone just loves a dog but they pay no mind to the warm, little creatures that rub against you and purr, mewing accasionally and licking your hand.
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Sep 17, 2012