Pretty Long White Hair

It must of been durring the hardest part of my life. Things had been jst gettdn worse and worse for me. My mom never belived me about nything I said about him. Anyways I used to sneack dog food to that pretty kitty, had to set food far away but not long she ate out my hand. She even found my bedroom.funny how she always woke me befor my stepdad did so I could let her out.hated him. That kittie loved me and I knew she did he wouldkick her like a football.she would ender the abuse.but cats are very smart my step dad kicked me out one night.I slept on our front porch with nothin to cover myself with but a door mat and she laid on me with her legs spred apart to.keep me warm.she was my angel at one of the darkest part of my life
foolsheart foolsheart
41-45, F
Oct 6, 2012