My Kitty Kats

  i'll start with the oldest. that's Marcus. he's a grey short hair. and is a real pet hound. he is never shy about wanting to be petted, at least not with me. he is a little picky about letting others pet him though. he is sometimes an indoor cat, but is never happy indoors for too long. he really likes to get between me and the computer when i'm trying to catch up on my emails, etc. once he's decided that it's time for his pet, he can demand attention for 10 to 15 minutes before he's satisfied. he came from a truck stop parking lot, and i brought him home from there when he was just a kitten.
  next there's Butterball. she also came from that same truck stop parking lot. she is a short hair, bobtail, with orange and white fur. she is extremely shy. she has been here almost as long as Marcus, but she has only let the mama pet her a couple of times. even though she rubs mama's legs while she waits for mama to feed her! she is talky. she talks to me constantly. she's an outdoor cat mostly also, but likes to sleep with me in the afternoons.
  then there's Aijin. he's a short hair orange tabby. Aijin in Japanese means "Lover". and he is one. he only comes inside when he's ready to eat, or when it's storming outside. he can hear me outside from underneath the neighbor's house, and comes a runnin to get his lovin. he get's his petting for about half a minute to a minute, then hisses at me! that tells me that he's had enough, and either wants to be let in for some munchies, or he wanders off, having had enough attention for the moment. he's a bully, and a scaredy cat. he will attack any of my other cats if they get too close to them. and at the same time, if they see him coming, will avoid them, as he's scared of them!
  next is Tiny. Tiny is a grey tabby. someone abandoned him here in the park, and so he decided to adopt us. i am not allowed to touch or get too close to Tiny's space. that is unless Tiny want's attention! then he is a veritable pet hound. LOL. Tiny is now about 24 pounds. when he first arrived he weighed about 12 pounds, and had feline leukemia. the vets said to put him down. i said no, looked online, and found a cure. vet's like doc's don't believe in alternative medicine. but in this case my vet was amazed and wanted the info on what i used. there is hope, even for vets.
  then there's Niella. she belonged next door. she's also a short hair grey tabby. i first saw her on my car, sitting in the middle of the dew soaked roof. i walked up, she got up and said pet me. shortly thereafter she decided that she belonged here, not next door and moved in. she is a natural born pet hound, and expects every human she sees to pet her.
  and then there is Missy Mischief. she is my mama's kitty. she is a tortoise shell colored short hair. origanally she was only mama's kitty kat. but over the years she has gone from only loving me when i feed her, to actually wanting me to pet her. i really know she's in the "mood" when she presents her tummy to be rubbed!
  and last but not least, are my kitty kats left at the truck stop. first there was the original mama. she used to run all around the truck stop. she roamed around the trucks, under the trucks, and was there every night looking for food. i decided i would make her my friend, by feeding her. it took a long while. she was feral. at first i had to put the food down, and then back a Long way off. after a while, she would be under my feet, while i put the food down, but wouldn't allow me to touch her. then she turned into a pet hound. she got to the point to where she could "hear" my truck when i entered the parking lot. i would park, and in this huge parking lot full of big trucks, i would be doing my paperwork, look down, and she was looking up at me, saying hey! what are you doing? i am waiting. i thought when she was gone, that would be that. but she had kittens, and she brought them to meet me. and they had kittens, and they had kittens ...
  these days, at the truck stop there is "stubby", Maurine, Maury, and Bigfoot.
  i Luv kitty kats.

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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I have so many cats Nita, I have one and she is a handful; sleeps IN my bed. Sometimes I don't know she's in there with me.

I had dogs, they were my best friends and they, I believe, knew more of this world than we give them credit for. They knew when I was sad, they also knew when it was time to give me a swift boot in the arse. They were there --- always, I treasure their memories. I covered them with blankets, beeped their noses, sang to them and cried on their ears. From Crib to College, I always had a companion, a confidant, a best friend, and most important a guardian Angel who would stay by me.

of course the above are just todays kitty kats. there have been many more that preceeded them. some i remember their names, some are only fuzzy memories. they have all taught me something. they are all etched into my memory.