I Started A Fad!

After 3 years of having socks of questionable color and height to wear for marching band, my parents finally bought me a set of black knee socks to wear to games. Along with these came a surprise - 4 other pairs of striped, colorful knee socks. I was so excited I wore a pair to each rehearsal that week. At the 3rd rehearsal that week, I noticed that one or two of my friends were also wearing knee socks, as they did on the 4th rehearsal that week. So, I decided I'd take make an experimental change in the band's rehearsal fashion and posted a large sign announcing the start of Knee Sock Thursdays. It was a hit. I was dubbed by my fellow knee-sock sporters the Queen of Knee Sock Thursday, and I even got to participate in the band's Senior Wills and passed on the title to a junior trumpet player.

I feel accomplished and that I have done my part in spreading the knee sock love. :)
TeapotK TeapotK
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Do you still play sax then while wearing your knee socks. I think pixi Lott is trying to start a fashion for girls wearing knee socks. These troupes are dance troupes, and stand on tip toes while walking and slapping thier thieghs before doing displays. Never seen so many girls wearing them.

i love marching band! :D i play sax. and wear knee socks a lot!!

Alot of dance troupes from young to women dance while wearing thier little frilly uniform dresses and white lacy knee socks and it was kinda nice seeing them in thier knee socks so cute..