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How I Started To Wear Knee Socks

I grew up in a country where school uniforms were not worn. I always envied the boys in England on their uniforms with short pants. I've always hated the long pants. I could only wear shirts from April to October. When I replaced the shorts with long pants, I felt really miserable. In seventh grade I had a friend who prefered to wear shorts, and sometimes we walking shorts in the snow. Then his parents moved away and I stayed alone again.
Later, I was wearing shorts only in the summer and remained unhappy about it. Sometimes I went out in shorts in cold weather and neighbors would make fun of me: "Oh, do not you cold?" Of course, it was envy. What kind of freedom which I allow myself! I believed that it will never come a day I will be able to wear shorts when I want.
Three years ago, during a trip through this country, met his future wife, decided to marrie her and stay. The first time I was seen in underwear, she said that I had nice legs She asked me if I ever wore shorts or bermuda shorts. I told my story. She said she always wanted a man who would walk beside her in bare knees outfits. She asked if I really want to try to stop wearing long pants. I said I want.
She is a fashion designer. Soon, she made the first brown velvet suit with short pants for me. I even got a green shirt, green knee socks and brown shoes. I expected the tie, but it was not - she doesn't like ties. All in all, it looked great, but somehow too fancy. She explained that - from that day - I can wear shorts or bermudats whenever I want, but I would never look like I went to the beach. Whenever I choose shorts or bermudas, have to wear knee socks and shoes. In warm days, walking barefoot. In the days that are not hot, will wear knee socks at home too. I will shave my legs. I have to look neat - or I will back into long pants.
The first three days I stayed home. Got up in the morning (sleeping naked), dressed and watched in the mirror to answer the question: do I want to be seen in bare knees outfits, in socks that are now part of women's fashion - or not. "Why not" won.
First time when we came to town, I was really scared. We immediately met her best friend, who began to laugh. Some kids shouted, "what beautiful socks". I wanted to quit. She did not let me. "Who cares about shouting". Quickly got a few compliments, so now I really enjoy my "newself".
Now I have a number of suits, shorts, short pants and bermudas and wear knee socks in many colors. I wear long pants only when I go to business meetings or in the administration (where there is a dress code). In the winter I wear a coat to the knee. We have great sex. Everything is ok.
P. S. It's 3,00 am. I have T-shirt, shorts (part of suit), socks upped to the knees and shoes!
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Wow, bareknee, what a wonderful story! I am absolutely excited by everything you've said! You are so lucky having a wife who's a fashion designer! How I envy you! My wife hates shorts. I have always wanted to have short trouser suits, especially corduroy and velvet. I have even tried to find a tailor who would make a short trouser corduroy suit for me.<br />
I would love to chat with you about this. I tried to become friends with you but it was not possible. Please see me on Facebook‚Äčlex.vosse or e-mail me on . I would especially like to see photos of your suits and shorts! I have photos on Facebook you might like. I am the founder of the group, "I love School Shorts", which you have joined.