How I Started To Wear Knee Socks

I grew up in a country where school uniforms were not worn. I always envied the boys in England on their uniforms with short pants. I've always hated the long pants. I could only wear shirts from April to October. When I replaced the shorts with long pants, I felt really miserable. In seventh grade I had a friend who prefered to wear shorts, and sometimes we walking shorts in the snow. Then his parents moved away and I stayed alone again.
Later, I was wearing shorts only in the summer and remained unhappy about it. Sometimes I went out in shorts in cold weather and neighbors would make fun of me: "Oh, do not you cold?" Of course, it was envy. What kind of freedom which I allow myself! I believed that it will never come a day I will be able to wear shorts when I want.
Three years ago, during a trip through this country, met his future wife, decided to marrie her and stay. The first time I was seen in underwear, she said that I had nice legs She asked me if I ever wore shorts or bermuda shorts. I told my story. She said she always wanted a man who would walk beside her in bare knees outfits. She asked if I really want to try to stop wearing long pants. I said I want.
She is a fashion designer. Soon, she made the first brown velvet suit with short pants for me. I even got a green shirt, green knee socks and brown shoes. I expected the tie, but it was not - she doesn't like ties. All in all, it looked great, but somehow too fancy. She explained that - from that day - I can wear shorts or bermudats whenever I want, but I would never look like I went to the beach. Whenever I choose shorts or bermudas, have to wear knee socks and shoes. In warm days, walking barefoot. In the days that are not hot, will wear knee socks at home too. I will shave my legs. I have to look neat - or I will back into long pants.
The first three days I stayed home. Got up in the morning (sleeping naked), dressed and watched in the mirror to answer the question: do I want to be seen in bare knees outfits, in socks that are now part of women's fashion - or not. "Why not" won.
First time when we came to town, I was really scared. We immediately met her best friend, who began to laugh. Some kids shouted, "what beautiful socks". I wanted to quit. She did not let me. "Who cares about shouting". Quickly got a few compliments, so now I really enjoy my "newself".
Now I have a number of suits, shorts, short pants and bermudas and wear knee socks in many colors. I wear long pants only when I go to business meetings or in the administration (where there is a dress code). In the winter I wear a coat to the knee. We have great sex. Everything is ok.
P. S. It's 3,00 am. I have T-shirt, shorts (part of suit), socks upped to the knees and shoes!
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Around age fifteen I was feeling more and more that I didn't like the changes that were coming over me, and in a lovely moment of inspiration, I realized how easily I could show everyone I wished to remain a nice little boy: I shaved off all the hair around my knees and dressed up every morning in little black shorts with white knee socks, a stiff starched white shirt with a nice big black bow tie, a tightly buttoned black vest, and polished black shoes! My bare knees and my tight vest immediately taught me to walk mincingly, keeping my knees pressed together, and the grip of my stiff collar and bow tie always reminded me to smile brightly and bow from the waist and speak very politely and carefully pronounce every word in my much nicer, higher, proper-little-gentleman voice! Mom and dad were once again Mommy and Daddy, and they were so delighted the first time I presented myself in this more correct, charming manner! Mommy gave me a pair of little white gloves to tuck into my vest pocket with the fingers peeping out, a most winsome touch to complete my smart little outfit for school! Whenever I was called upon, I stood up and clasped my hands most formally before my vest buttons to answer. The boys didn't like this at first, but they changed their tune as the young ladies began showing up in much prettier, dressier dresses with lovely details like pinafores, petticoats, and hairbows, curtsying whenever they got the chance! Then I woke up in hospital and I realized all the last part had been a dream after the boys first saw how I was dressed.

Wooow :) Have a photo?

Alas, no photo. I hope you enjoy perusing my posed material, though, especially my charm school lesson for men enrolled as beginner ballerina-boys!

Wow, bareknee, what a wonderful story! I am absolutely excited by everything you've said! You are so lucky having a wife who's a fashion designer! How I envy you! My wife hates shorts. I have always wanted to have short trouser suits, especially corduroy and velvet. I have even tried to find a tailor who would make a short trouser corduroy suit for me.<br />
I would love to chat with you about this. I tried to become friends with you but it was not possible. Please see me on Facebook‚Äčlex.vosse or e-mail me on . I would especially like to see photos of your suits and shorts! I have photos on Facebook you might like. I am the founder of the group, "I love School Shorts", which you have joined.