"sisu" (pronounced: Siss-sue). A Classic Finland Pukko.

Weight: 4.6oz
Blade: 4mm Thick, 4" Long, Mirror Polished VG-1 San Mai III Steel
Handle: 4 5/8" Long, Polished Black Linen Micarta w/Polished Nickel Silver Bolsters and Pommel
Length: 9 1/4" Overall
Cold Steel revived and updated a classic Pukko originally designed by Tapio Wirkkala, and christened it, appropriately enough, "Sisu" (pronounced: siss-sue). Philosophically, it can be roughly described in English as...guts, tenacity, steadfastness, courage, and an indomitable will to succeed and survive.
. The taper ground blade is made from Cold Steel’s exclusive VG-1 San Mai III® Stainless steel, and given an exquisite mirror polish finish, and a devastatingly sharp edge. The picture does not do the knife capture the beauty of this knife’s exquisite mirror polish finish. The blade, attractive hilt and it’s matching, highly polished nickel silver bolster and pommel. The entire surface of the knife almost appears to be a calm liquid. I have never seen a knife so highly polished.
I tested it’s sharpness by touching it’s edge to a sheet of normal typing paper and was surprised to see the blade cut the paper in half without effort. Of all the knives I own this one is the sharpest out of the box.
It also cut through a 12oz plastic bottle that was full of water. With one fast strike the top of the bottle slid off and the bottom half didn’t spill a drop.

In addition to all the above I got this $399.99 knife forsmiley only $124.99!yes A 68% saving! Cold Steel had sent me a flyer telling me it was a close out special. Oh happy days…DD

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I would love to own that knife. Don't laugh but....... right now all I have is a pocket size box cutter I carry in my bag. It's small enough to hide in the palm of my hand & sharp enough to gouge someone's tender organs. I must admit tho, the thought of your knife in my hand feels powerful! My concern would be I would use it just for the pleasure of it.

Marji, Google " Cold Steel push knife". The push knife is made for women and/or Klutz. It is a natural to use even w/o much training. You just hold it in your fist and punch like you would if you wanted to hit someone.<br />
Cold Steel makes one for about $50.00. Get the larger one and you are ready to go…DD

Marji-lol- I do get serious about my knife. Don't worry, you could disarm me with a smile...DD<br />
<br />
Domiknow , thank you, it is a work of dark art...DD

"never bring a knife to a gun fight" is a dumb cliché. Sometimes someone would say that to me at my school and I move very close to them and ask if they had a gun because I would have a knife in my hand and would show it to them with a smile on my face.<br />
Sure, once the bullets start flying I would want to have a gun but that doesn’t happen that often to most people who don’t belong to a gang.<br />
If some punk has a gun and it is not cocked and loaded in his hand I am certain I can stab his heart, eviscerate him, and drive my blade through his eye into his brain before he can get his gun out IF he is within ten feet of me. <br />
Of course there are situations were a gun (sniper rifle!) would be better BUT in real day to day life most don’t always carry a gun. I ALWAYS CARRY A KNIFE. <br />
Next time someone says "…never bring a knife to a gun fight" ask them how many gun fights have they been in outside a war zone. <br />
I am not stupid. I would want a gun if I was going to a gun fight BUT in real, day to day life I always have a knife and know how to use it…DD

Marji, to jab and then pull up is good if the sharp edge is up, down is also good and somtimes sidways is good. BEST is to do ALL the above about a hundred times while you are screaming, hitting, scratching, biting and kicking as fast as you can…DD