Knives, Swords, And Everything In Between

as if can't tell i love them then your a complete moron. i love blades of all kinds. ever since i was a kid i loved them i would buy those little plastic swords they sold every chance i could get. then when i was about 14 i got my first wooden blade and loved it. then when i was 16 instead of a car i got my first steel blade though its not an actual cutting one. it was a aluminum alloy katana blade and i love it still. the thrill of holding them is beyond almost anything. in some way i wish i was born back in the day when they were the main choice in combat. now all people do is shoot each other without any form of honor involved. knives while not as effective as my preferred blades are just so awesome. throwing ones are so freaken awesome someone stays out of your range thinking their safe when you throw it right in their chest. whenever i got out i make sure no matter where i am going i have at least 10 on me.... you'll never know though ;)
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
Feb 17, 2011