A Few Reasons Why I Like Knives


My first best friend and I liked to play we were Indians along the Arkansas river.   We wanted to have a knife because ALL Indians have knives. We were 8 yrs old. No body else agreed that we should have a knife. 

  Then my friend died and I missed him a lot. I wanted to get the knife that we talked about. I got a job selling doughnuts to house wives, door to door. It took most of a summer but I finally got the money to buy the Bowie Knife that Rocky I had admired.   I felt that getting the knife connected me to my friend and it helped to ease the pain of losing my friend. 

  When I was about 15 a big guy grabbed me by the hair and told me to give him my money. I had one of those Italian Stilettos switch blades in my back pocket and I stuck him right below his belt buckle. I was surprised it went in so easy. He pushed me away then reached for me and I slashed the back of his hand. He ran away and I was glad to have been able to defend myself. 

  I have always slept better when I had a knife strapped to the bed post. I had a pistol for awhile but locked the gun up when we had children. There are lots of times when it is a lot easier to carry a knife then it is a gun. Especially in the summer. 

  My wife had a few doubts about the big knife strapped to the bed until we had a intruder. Our youngest was sleeping on a sleeping bag next to our bed because he was sick. He coughed and woke my wife. She graphed my arm and woke me saying…”There is someone in our house… he’s in our room! I came up with a large Bowie knife in my hand and yelling as loud as I have ever yelled. I was expecting to get shot at any moment and I was just praying that I could get to him in time to drive the huge blade into the center of his chest. He turned and ran and got out the door before I could kill him. I was very relived that I done all I could to protect my family. You never know how you will react in a situation like that and my wife is proud of me to this day. There has also been no more concerns about my love for knives. 

  Another major event was when I had a dream come true when I dreamed of a special knife and found that knife in a pawn shop. I wanted the knife I saw in the dream so bad that I was able to “visualize” were it was in “reality”.

Sometimes when I see a knife that I want I become target fixated. My wife has another word for it but believes I deserve a few perks if only because of the nightly backrubs that I love to give her. 

  I have been seriously ill these past seven years and I had to take a medical retirement.

These have been difficult years as the pain from my degenerative neurological disease has only gotten worse. We have been able to add a few knives to my collection and this has been a source of pleasure that has been important to me. 

  Knives have played an important role in my life and I suspect that I might not have survived if they had not been my friend. One more point. If you think about it Mother Nature loves her children and has given all of them knives to protect themselves in the form of tooth, fang and claw.

Man has been given the intelligent needed to create his own knife and spear. Without these sharp tools the naked ape would never have survived. Love those Knives…DD    

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Oh wow!! Good thing you had a knife! <br />
<br />
I haven't stabbed anyone either but I would if I had to.

flourlady111, if you ever do, don't stab him once and stand there, stab him a thousand times as fast as you can, scream as loud as you can while you do it....DD

wow i never actually stabbed anyone. but ive not had too yet!

I love this story big guy...D