African Blackwood Classic Sebenza

I “… have created the Sebenza Integral Lock© which I believe to be the most rugged folding knife on the market.

My one piece knives have achieved popularity as strong working fixed blades through simple, effective design, and the Sebenza is a folding knife to complement them. I have put a great deal of thought into the different features and know that this is a knife which will work hard, keep a good edge and will be easy to maintain.   Zulu is the native language of the area in South Africa where I was born and raised. The Zulu people traditionally lived their lives in a simplistic, no-nonsense way and I have used that same approach in the way I design and make my knives. Sebenza means work in Zulu – these knives are intended to do just that.

  I strive continually to advance minor features of the Sebenza so as to improve our methods of making the knives and to enhance their performance. Our knives are fitted to the tightest tolerances in the industry and the Sebenza has set the standard against which other knives are compared. We are the proud recipients of Blade Magazine’s Manufacturers Quality Award for 2000, 2001 and 2003.

Take care of your knife and it will take care of you ......."- Chris Reeve. 

  I just got this truly magnificently made knife and agree with it’s maker and Blade Magazine’s Manufacturers Quality Award for 2000, 2001 and 2003 that this folder is in fact the best made folding knife I have ever seen!

This will be the knife I’ll be carrying in my pocket from now on!...DD   

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Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
Oct 25, 2009