Limited Edition Boss Hg55



I just recevied the Limited Edition Boss HG55! The Limited Edition was a one-time offering only by Busse Combat Knife Co. and features the exclusive tiger hide handles. The blade features a satin finished convex grind. The combination of INFI steel, CBT (Corrugated Bevel Technology), and machine textured handles for extra grip make the HG55 ready for anything. Most important to me is how great it feels in my hand. It feels alive!   Even at $397.00 it is under priced. This is THE knife I would give a friend who was going into combat…DD    


Dewduster Dewduster
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1 Response Oct 25, 2009

I actually agree with you Toby2day. I had just gotten the above Boss and I let my enthusiasm get the best of me. Ha! <br />
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I was with the 4th Infantry and know the value of smaller is better. I like the original Gerber YARI or Buck/Strider Solution or the "MPK-TI (NSN 1386-01-417-1263) Titanium which is very light and can be obtained with a 4 inch blade, but if someone had a ride the limited Edition Boss would still be the one to have. <br />
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The Jewish Border Patrol is issued the Dustar “MODEL 1 ARAD BATTLE BLADE ” that is just as heavy but would be another great knife if you are in a vehicle most of the time. <br />
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If you like a small knife in a folder then read about the African Blackwood 3inch blade Classic Sebenza in another of my post. That is the knife I plan to carry from now on!...DD<br />
P/s Nice to meet a lady who is interested in knives.