Craving For City Hunter Part 2!!!??

      After finishing the action-packed Korean Drama City Hunter, I'm still craving for it!!! I think it still isn't finished. There are things that are left undone like since Lee Eun Sung's father is the President of the state what will happen to him? Will he still be a mere IT expert or will he be position to the higher ups.Even after city hunter's identity is being claimed by his late father Lee Jin Pyo before he died, city hunter should still exist like a real-life superhero giving judgment to the corrupt officials of the government. Since his father is still alive being at the highest position and also committing a crime but judgment was never laid out to him properly, city hunter should do the same for the part 2. After Prosecutor Hyung Joon died and during his burial, his assistant was cursing Eun Sung as the reason for his death because he knows that he is the real " City Hunter". On the next sequel, I'm thinking of that guy to be the next prosecutor investigating on Lee Eun Sung's identity (Well, that will be really hard on the part of Eun Sung). He will continue the investigation of Prosecutor Kim Hyung Joon against Eun Sung. 

Also Lee Eun Sung and Kim Nana's relationship as lovers was not really given emphasis. Drama-goers are like waiting for the development of these couple but it never did. The ring! He never gave that ring!! I'm asking for a part two!! But please... keep the casts!!! they're perfect for it!!

-- are you with me!! ^__^ hahaha
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Yess <333

:D cmon!


yep yep! darn.. I badly need season 2!! ^_^

totally agree.. i also want City Hunter season 2 with the same casts! ^_^

Yep! cheers to that~~~ :D

I agree with your comment. City Hunter will need to have the story continued to finish the story clearly, with the same composition so that the story does not change. So I hope will be a with City Hunter season 2 of the same arrangement of the actors.

yep, I'm hearing of part 2.. hope it will be a reality.. and same castings.. ^_^

I like this information about City Hunter season 2. thanks for the info and always show the latest on City Hunter 2 ..... fight.

I'm still hoping for City Hunter 2. He became hands-on in terms of the actions scenes "City Hunter" and now airing "Faith" which is also a historical-action drama. He got lots of bruises and wounds after each dramas, painful!! ---
City Hunter 2 fighting!

Min Ho is a great actor korea today. he displays the perfect action in one city hunter drama, faith (now) and amaze the audience. and I hope he and Minyoung participate in the plan City Hunter season 2 because they Minmin couple .. and I hope it will happen.

Yes, I definitely agree with you.. ^_^

yep ..... confirmation i when there is new information about the City Hunter season 2 oc friends. and always update news ..... thank. fighting!

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