Secret Ingredient

Before, there was Mexican dramas that entered the tv scene. More liberated as I have observed ( esp the passionate scene's ) and there's something in their language that really is a little bit awkward. I have watched marimar and monica brava before and I really liked it. But then the taiwanese and the japanese dramas have arrived. The F4 mania entitled " Meteor Garden " became a popular one. That was really cool! And then Love at the Dolphin Bay and Lavender which have really great endings.

Lastly, the korean dramas arrived which introduced us to " Endless Love " the sequel that I really watched, Jang Geum, Princess Hours and the like. They are capturing the hearts of the televiewers up until now. But what can I say, korean dramas are still on the limelight which gives me such curiosity about its impact to the fans.

There is really a secret ingredient as to why they are able to linger and stay to that spot. We can't say that its the cast or the actors because there are taiwanese artist that are really handsome and cuter than the koreans. In terms of story line, mexican dramas also have that part even better than the kdramas. Even the japanese actors are very good in acting. But there's something that I have noticed aside from the actors coming from a group of boy band then entering the acting industry. As you can see if you are an artist then you already have some fans and followers around the globe then you act, that's a different kind of story. Jumping in from one genre to another really is like jumping from one level to another. Having a demand in the entertainment industry then having a demand for the movies and television really is a good thing. You will create greater heights for your career and that is what most artists do. Making your fans ask for more of your talent. And another thing is that Korean dramas are building another kind of chemistry in every drama. Check out how they tried to build up a chemistry for two talents. After that they will not be working on those artist again. You can never see a korean drama couple casting on another drama not unless its a sequel. Yes, they really are experimenting on chemistry and also keeping the charisma of the couple to the demand of the public. Different story and different faces - a glimpse of eagerness for someone to watch it. A different kind of meal for our unique sense of taste...  ^_^
LiarOne LiarOne
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012