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If there's one thing that'll get me really excited, it's Korean Dramas and K-Pop (: I think im even learning the language as i watch them. Right now im watching School 2013 <3333 and Flower Boy Next Door. OMG i wish they would upload all episodes at once, i think i'd die of happiness. It's a great way to experience the cultural wave that's going through the world right now and it certainly is interesting. (:
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I watched flower boy next door too!!! I love Park Shin Hye....she suits just about any role!! Yoon Shi Yoon is just adorable with his baby-face. I loved the drama!!

I loved it as well! Shi Yoon was so cute, i wish it would've went on for a bit longer! i can't wait for Shin Hye's next drama, she really does always do an amazing job. Right now, there are absolutely not any dramas that captivate my attention. sigh ~ not watching anything now.I love Shin Hye!! I loved her 'Heartstrings' drama role the most... :)

Yes it was so good! I loved the ending and don't even get me started on all the flower boys in that drama ~
Lately i've been watching variety shows on DramaFever. They have amazing shows on there.

I will watch.... :)

yes (:

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school 2013 was a great drama. all the bromance was so adorable @.@ I'm watching flower boy next door too, enrique acts so cuuute. XD

yes Lee Jong Suk (Ko Nam Soon) and Kim Woo Bin (Park Heung Soo) were flipping amazing. I feel in love with Jong Suk &lt;3 i wish there would be another season. ahhhh it was amazing!

try watching rooftop prince, sungkyunwan scandal , lots of fun :)) interesting, and love story enjoy :)

I've seen both and all of the most recent dramas. i loved both of them and i wish that there would be a part 2 to rooftop prince. i feel like they left me at a cliff hanger!! (;

I haven't finish watching roof top prince, but soon hopefully haha

you should. its amazing! i'm hoping for a 2nd season