Hong Luck Kung Fu Club

I recently joined the Hong Luck school of kung fu. I am currently studying do pai and choi lee fut styles.  These styles would remind one of classic hun gar (tiger) style.  I also have studied "temple" kung fu which is a modern synthesis of 5 animals and northern and southern styles.

CraigC CraigC
1 Response Feb 25, 2009

Hey Karen,<br />
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You are never too old to start, but yes I have been doing this for several years now.<br />
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I like kung fu because I found it more flexible for the self ex<x>pression of my martial art. (I am also a Bruce Lee fan)<br />
I can have the option of doing hard or softer techniques and really enjoy flowing from form to form.<br />
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Like everything else be a good consumer and check out a few martial arts places to find a good fit for you. Quite often person may wait till they are retired before they try out a martial art for health and fun.